2 thoughts on “Jon Humanity on the radio”

  1. The show was bit long-winded as the Renegade Radio host John Smith* apparently is just discovering YouTube Transvestigations. He clearly (or deceptively) lack insight on the subject.

    Indeed, the latter part of the show seemed like an attack on JH (Jon Humanity) and maybe the reason he was brought on air in the first place. Starting from 1h36 into the interview he’s challenged straight out by a caller from ‘Thousand Oaks’.

    The question about JH sexuality has been brought up before and it might not matter much if we met Jon privately. However, Jon Humanity has a public YouTube channel where he theorize and criticize other peoples gender and sexuality. It is in his capacity as an expert YouTube personality that he went on air and accepted the radio interview.

    From Jon Humanity’s lack of an answer we have our answer.

    Sexuality is a very important aspect of EGI. Just as we suppose a man is a man and a woman a woman – we also suppose normal people to have normal sexuality. This means heterosexuality for most of us despite the contrived media-push for homosexuality and transsexuality.

    *John Smith just jumps out as very blunt alias and fake name

    1. Yes I agree with your assessment. I also agree with Jon that we cannot determine homosexuality based on voice tone alone and in the end it may not be relevant to the transinvestigations.

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