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Claude Cahun (25 October 1894 – 8 December 1954) was a French artist, photographer and writer. Her work was both political and personal, and often undermined traditional concepts of gender roles.

In 2007, David Bowie created a multi-media exhibition of Cahun’s work in the gardens of the General Theological Seminary in New York. It was part of a venue called the Highline Festival, which also included offerings by Air, Laurie Anderson, Mike Garson and Ricky Gervais. Bowie on Cahun: You could call her transgressive or you could call her a cross dressing Man Ray with surrealist tendencies. I find this work really quite mad, in the nicest way.Outside of France and now the UK she has not had the kind of recognition that, as a founding follower, friend and worker of the original surrealist movement, she surely deserves. Meret Oppenheim was not the only one with a short haircut. Nothing could better do this, I thought, than to show her photographs through the digital technology of the 21st century and in a setting that embraces the pastoral sanctuary of her last years.[10]
speaking of man ray, story goes he had a thing fer roger penrose’s auntie…
She was the unrivalled beauty, he the fearsome artist who made even Picasso seem reserved. They loved each other with a fury that was to tear them apart. Yet, as a new exhibition reveals, they would eventually, against all odds, find their happy ending

November 16, 2017

anounceofsaltperdayLast Thursday at 2:45 AM

this stuff freally messes with your netflix… from “the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” ep 6
adams apple to the wazoo

U.F.O. – M.F. / Death!Last Thursday at 8:47 AM

Bet he want some bbc fake ass

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UNrealLast Thursday at 12:33 PM

Music and cinema are probably the most potent domains for culture creation since a long while back – the scripted entities in these industries are many and EGI suspicion is quite common. – Lil Peep (name mirrors as 'bee b') is/was a rising star considered as ‘the future of emo’ according to some. News is now that Bella Thorne’s (transvestigated by Apostle L.Lee) ex-boyfriend Peep just died @ 21 from a “reported” drug-overdose. He might now be doomed for posthume success. Upon looking at his imagery he does appear pretty feminine and combined with the company he kept – quite a suspect of EGI. –

The term "emo" arose in the late 80's from "emocore" as a style of music and has subsequently also been used to describe a type of teen subculture with a fragile or fake personality. -

article on Lil Peep’s death

Quite 'hippie' for a cisgender man and equal width shoulder-hip ratio

U.F.O. – M.F. / Death!Last Thursday at 12:46 PM

These artists died faster and faster

UNrealLast Thursday at 12:49 PM

Well – in the case of emo culture it would be hard to be credible when past the teenage stage

U.F.O. – M.F. / Death!Last Thursday at 12:49 PM

I know some natural born males who have wide hips and narrow shoulders
But lil peep is weird

UNrealLast Thursday at 12:53 PM

Yes – there is a mix in all of us of course, but it is the combination of early death, emo culture icon, transvestigated GF, weird looks and 'bee' name that make this individual look terribly scripted as well as traspicious – although i’ve not done extensive research so i’m not certain of his case – just that he – & ex-gf Thorne – are both transpicious and possibly was culture created inverso EGI couple. – Something else that is strike me as possible is that even the tatoo’s might be faked or at least just temporary… The Elite tend to encourage the population to self-inflict damage as we’ve often seen with the push for gender-reassignment surgery or preventive double masectomy (Angela Jolie & others)(edited)

November 17, 2017

UNrealLast Friday at 4:07 AM

Another “sex-scandal” with a very obvious Male to Female EGI – Leann Tweeden, former playboy model. –
impossibly wide facial fetures for a woman - despite nosejob, chinimplant her jawline and low facial fat-tissue make Leann Tweeden an unmistakeable EGI individual(edited)
The joke in most of these “sex-scandals” seems to be the inverted characters involved. Al Franken is no exception. –×
Al Franken has short nose, short teeth and close dental arch, no male jawbone, red sensible female lips, pointy chin, short neck no A apple, protruding eyes, small [fat] hands with bad d-ratio, no cheekbone, fleshy cheeks and absolutely no browbone(edited)

U.F.O. – M.F. / Death!Last Friday at 6:50 AM

Flat forehead

UNrealLast Friday at 6:54 AM

Yes – if you compare all the men and the women from these alledged sex-scandals – they are all presenting inverted gender-characteristics. – This is statistically impossible. – I’ve yet to see one broad-shouldered, wide-set deep eyed tall man in any of these cases….(edited)

barklaineLast Friday at 9:23 AM

Another very obvious example, no transvestigation required. Jeffrey Tambor Responds To Sexual Harassment Allegations Made By “Transparent” Co-Star Trace Lysette issued a statement Thursday detailing an incident where the actor is alleged to have “acted inappropriately.” Tambor has responded by denying that he is a “predator.”
Lysette issued a statement Thursday detailing an incident where the actor is alleged to have “acted inappropriately.” Tambor has responded by denying that he is a “predator.”

Sylvester Stallone Denies Story Alleging He And His Bodyguard Sexually Assaulted Teen Girl
The actor says a report accusing him of forcing a 16-year-old girl to perform oral sex on his bodyguard during an unwanted threesome is “categorically false.”

The Kiss rocker was taping interviews at the network’s headquarters when he allegedly made sexist and racist remarks, and hit two staff members on the head.

AbyzLast Friday at 9:51 AM

#metoo :joy:

November 19, 2017

UNrealYesterday at 3:02 AM

As pointed out in the general-unverified thread – the news-story about the Norwegian billionaire Katharina Andresen being fined $38,750 (250.000 Nkr) is possibly just a created story. – Katharina Gamlemshaug Andresen is heiress of an old family who has been connected to banking, politics, mining, shipping and tobacco. Together with her sister Alexendra the siblings became billionaires very young as their father in 2007 transferred 42.2% ownership of holding company Ferd to his ‘daughters’. The two Andresen sisters are supposedly the worlds second youngest billionaires ($1.15 billion). – No doubt that when it comes to finance, banking and politics that we often are confronted with “average” looking people that not necessarily are very glamorous – but in the case of the Andresen sisters, they appear more like Paris Hilton jet-set’ers than anything else. It does appear that in Norway the mere fact of being rich does provide for an unreasonable amount of respect and merit – unearned as in the case of the Andresen sisters. –
the Andresen 'sisters' Katharina and Alexandra looking very businesslike here but nevertheless boyinsh - Katharina the mosy with the short hair and square jaw
By analysing the head, neck, shoulders, collarbone & arms in this photo - Alexandra looks more like Alexander than a cis-gender female
Katharina Andresen is very clearly not feminine and seem to openly play with her trans-nature - male-sized head, nose and brows with a definate male 'vibe' in the picture
Katharina Andresen with her father Johan H. Andresen jr. – More imagery of Katharina’s jet-set lifestyle in the article below – well worth noting is her suspected ‘liason’ with Mr Denmark & actor Mads Madsen (MM) where muscles & male hormones seems as evident as with bodybuilders in general. –

anounceofsaltperdayYesterday at 4:10 AM

apparantly Tilda Swinton being trans is an open secret. “It” was mocked on S2E2 of “the unbreakable kimmy schmidt” at 22minutes
notice the very short arms, waist-indent, small thorassic cage & close facial features with a short nose with female nasal angle(edited)
>as always - the gender-typical representations are willfully misleading as we can clearly se the 'female' in the illustration has male jawline and sloping forhead

UNrealYesterday at 6:06 AM

I did look up the Tilda Swinton pun in the TV series you allude to @anounceofsaltperday and i agree there is some duping delight in calling Tilda Swinton “a hot chick” coming from a closet gay (22:34) although not a very significant in terms of EGI, more like a reference to gay culture – Swinton is reputedly bi-sexual or 'polyamorous'. – On inspection – it migh somewhat be significant that the "airbrushing on the back of the truck" clearly has a 7 (or Zayin) replacing the T for Tilda. – (in fact 7+ilda can become 'Dial 7' if one is really sensitive). – However i find most actors in the series very suspect in their own right – not to mention how debilitating this show really is with poor dialogue and over-acting. –(edited)

anounceofsaltperdayYesterday at 2:22 PM

@UNreal the putative “creative force behind the show” is Tina Fey aka Sarah Palin . She is a Greenberg and the granddaughter of Maurice Greenberg. Have no doubt that all of the SNL stuff is there to phuque around with peoples heads. If you watched the show with the idea that it is designed to denigrate christians, mock the commandments and promote nihilism you might, like I have, doff your cap to the evil genius underlying it.

UNrealYesterday at 2:33 PM

AC/DC singer Malcolm Young just died and as usual we might expect his dissapearence can be as much linked to his official retirement as to any illness. – – Junglesurfer just made a pretty decent video on the band and highlight how not only Malcolm is transpicious – but the whole band. – junglesurfertv – 17 nov. 2017 – 12:00 (mm:ss) ACDC and The Who who are they – junglesurfertv – 18 nov. 2017 – 08:59 (mm:ss) Malcolm of ACDC has gone
Real Rock n’Troll from Alternating & Direct current

ZalYesterday at 2:35 PM

did he die young though? :thinking:

anounceofsaltperdayYesterday at 2:36 PM

forever young

UNrealYesterday at 2:37 PM

Malcolm is currently switching from direct to alternate current

November 20, 2017

UNrealToday at 4:34 AM

Nettie Maria Stevens was born 7/7 1861 to Julia Adams and Ephraim Stevens.

Despite Nettie Stevens being an established scientist, there is very little imagery of her despite she was born in an era when photography was very present to document most ‘historical’ figures and where the majority of prominent females were indeed presenting very masculine features. – Luckily for the female pioneers of science, airbrushing and photo enhancements were among the first techniques to be developed and it is clear that excedent trachea and browridges were as effectively eliminated first in the time of the Daguerrotype (commercialised 1839) and later more effectively with the Collodion process (1851) and subsequently with Dry plate (1879)

Of the three images found of Nettie Maria Stevens it does appear her profile image is carefully managed with the jawline and brow-bone softened out and lighting used to eliminate shadow from her seemingly deep eye-sockets. The clothes and pose seems chosen to diminish shoulder-width and type (sloping shoulders seems to have been the goal) and the neck neatly covered as to eliminate any sign of possible male trachea. The big hat is clearly an effective device to throw off attention and bewilder scale. What is most visibly masculine in this picture is the mouth which is wide with a seemingly skin-colored underlip (females have more sensitive red pulpous lips that carry more blood-vessels and nerves than men)(edited)
In this laboratory image she once more cover her neck and dress is fitted in mid-distance on the shoulders in contrasting color to her shirt which visually break the visual line of the actual shoulder-width. Nevertheless, the person in the photograph clearly is not keen on being seen with one eye in the microscope. Regarding the figure that we can observe it is clear she has a male sized head, square shoulders and sizeable hands and ears. It is also visible her body-fat percentage (BFP) is less present than in normal females (men have an average of 3-6% and women 10-13%)
Unknown picture of Nettie Stevens from the Marine Biological Laboratory
— Imagery of Nettie Stevens can not alone confirm her being transpicious per say @Fakeologist. What is more relevant might be her profession and special interest of gender studies where a majority of her collegues – men and women – mostly are very suspect if not clear cases of EGI. And how can it be any different ? – When we consider the Elite to indeed practice gender inversion it is unavoidable they would have a great interest in spearheading the research into gender as their livelihood and hidden agenda actually depends upon it. The occult aspect of EGI also immediately demand that the Elite use their scientific advances to their advantage which is not to enlighten the public but rather to obfuscate it and use their knowledge to further their chances to remain hidden from the publics scrutiny. – It seems unavoidable that many skeptics still will stop thinking once they see gender inversion proposed. The unfortunate reality is that we today are all but too aware it is possible to impersonate the opposite sex to close perfection as can be easily verified by looking up any transgender beauty contest. What so many “truthers” are unable to admit is that Elite Gender Inversion is indeed VERY possible in practice. The only question left is whether the Elite have the ambition and will to deceive us to such a point. The ridicule many manage to gather is based in poor logic and i suspect often with bad intentions. – Not only is Elite Gender Inversion possible – it exactly match how the Elite behave in every other domain – they use science and media to cover up the truth and invert fiction into reality. From led to gold and from woman to man. —(edited)

FakeologistToday at 5:47 AM

Do we take women scientists more or less seriously? If the are really all men, are we more likely to fall for a “woman’s” discovery? @UNreal(edited)

UNrealToday at 5:52 AM

Good question – what you surmise is that the rarity of ‘women’ possibly could make for a more sensational story – this might very well be the case – especially when women were rare to figure in such domains as science. – The psychological impact of any propageted meme is clearly well thought out and planned ahead so female characters clearly have specific qualities pertaining to how the Elite will angle the presentation of any given technology. – By the number of women in science at the time it does seem their success is off the charts ?
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Male Mother Mystery

Robbie Williams with newborn Theodora
Robert Peter “Robbie” Williams 2012 with newborn Theodora Rose

The current focus of Youtube transvestigator Hans Wormhat is now turned towards scripture and the most elusive side of Elite Gender Inversion – the Female to Male secret transgenders. On the religious bent it is difficult for me to follow Hans Wormhat, but his recent “Pregvestigations” are really poignant and mostly very well elaborated. Kudos to Wormhat for breaking open a question that for too long was left untouched.

Those who do read the Fakeologist EGI forum thread might remember how this very topic was elaborated upon in december 2016 and in light of the recent “pregvestigation” videos and new cases now coming out from Hans Wormhat it might be worthwhile to highlight how close to the scenario laid out back then it seems we have gotten today.

Original post (16-12-2016) from the EGI forum here

Everyone can possibly agree that childbirth is truly magic.

For the Gender Inverted Elite this could be even more-so true. Maybe literally. How can a MTF (Male To Female) individual give birth or have a child ?

If the Elite switch gender and still manage to reproduce, they must have a very elaborate process worked out to manage their offspring. Effectively, an Elite housewife will most probably have the inconvenience of not disposing the right reproductive system for taking care of either pregnancy nor child-birth. Today of course there are all types of alternative methods to both conceive a child as there is for the child-bearing itself. Famous examples like soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo or singer Ricky Martin have very publicly opted for surrogate mothers.

However advanced modern Assisted Reproductive Technologies ( ART ) have become, the Elite must have managed this process even in the olden time. As modernity may hint at, the EGI might even consider their reproductive phase as their most ancient form of Art – how to stage their inverted child-process and pass it for real.

The first part is called “The Pledge”. The magician shows you something ordinary: a deck of cards, a bird or a man. He shows you this object. Perhaps he asks you to inspect it to see if it is indeed real, unaltered, normal. But of course… it probably isn’t.

The second act is called “The Turn”. The magician takes the ordinary something and makes it do something extraordinary. Now you’re looking for the secret…

But you won’t find it, because of course you’re not really looking. You don’t really want to know. You want to be fooled. But you wouldn’t clap yet. Because making something disappear isn’t enough; you have to bring it back. That’s why every magic trick has a third act, the hardest part, the part we call “The Prestige”.

Christopher Priest, The Prestige

When we consider the efforts produced by a Gender Inverted Elite to have us believe in their public display of the opposite gender, child-birth might be regarded as child-play in comparison. Maybe there is also a large part of duping delight involved as well. People who all since childhood put on a very convincing performance must somehow be thrilled to engage in a new act, performed by their ancestors since time and memorial. As an uninitiated public, we can mostly only observe that far to many stars and personalities do look rather artificial while sporting bellies that often look like an ill positioned cushion.
EGI Child birth
– might partly be done as follows (with many variations within):
Act 1 – The Pledge :
•FTM individual keep strict diet and prepare for early birth, quick recovery
•FTM pregnant individual move, do business trip, vacation or hide last 1-3 months
•MTF play pregnant, gain weight and gather public attention with family & friends

Act 2 – The Turn :
•FTM (pregnant) male arrive at hospital incognito or give birth in private clinic
•Child is born (early) and kept in incubator and/or transported on location
•MTF fake start of birthing process and is very publicly taken to the hospital

Act 3 – The Prestige :
•Child announced at selected date – nobody notice slight age difference for babies
•MTF very publicly announce birth at hospital and display child for images/press
•FTM either present during childbirth staging or arrive « late » if tough birth

Prince Charles and Diana with newborn William
Prince Charles of Wales and Princess Diana
•Leaving St. Mary Hospital with Prince William Duke of Cambridge born 21/6 in 1982

Prince William and Kate with newborn George
Prince William Duke of Cambridge and Duchess Catherine
•Leaving St. Mary Hospital with Prince George of Cambridge born 22/7 in 2013

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Poly tricks

Rosa Luisa DeLauro – in the US House of Representatives since 1991

We are all used to the expression ‘Politics is show business for ugly people’ and when we pause and realise Elite Gender Inversion is all over Hollywood it quite logically follows that politics might be as full of EGI as acting itself.

What might take some time realise is that as much as Hollywood play on the archetypes of beauty – Politics is on the contrary taking the opposite direction towards bad looks – and often plain ugliness.

To pause and take inn every feature of a repulsive looking person is of course not natural behaviour, and for this reason we mostly never notice or analyse very thoroughly any politicians face. In other words, ugliness is a very effective tactics for disguise – more so than Hollywood’s obsession with beauty that invite the public to stare and adorn thus looking with more attention. Of course, to look closely does mean that most really see. But to not look in the first place must constitute even better assurance for politicians to remain well guarded from public scrutiny.

If we counter-intuitively lend ourselves to the game of actually observing closely, we might all notice what MrE lays out in a number of his recent videos : female politicians are quite often men acting as women, and blatantly so. Elite Gender Inversion at a significant scale, hidden in plain sight.

There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact
-Arthur Conan Doyle

The scale of the EGI community is for most difficult to evaluate – are there just some cases or are there many ? The wide variety of physical traits in the population and also amongst the Elite makes it difficult to judge the EGI presence as a whole. The criteria will change according to the origin and ‘genetic’ makeup. How well we individually can recognise gender characteristics in different types of individuals can vary and some Elite individuals will be easier to identify as some have handicaps (aesthetically speaking) when it comes to how well they can successfully transit between genders physically.

What is certain nevertheless is that a majority of female politicians are indeed transpicious, and from the exemples MrE showcase in his videos (below) we have to finally realise that EGI is far from being just a few cases in politics. There are many female politicians born male and merely acting as women. So much so that we must assume this is well known to the whole political class – there are too many cases and too much intimacy and cohesion between politicians for anyone in this ‘industry’ to be oblivious to such a fundamental fact and constitution.

And there are many EGI entities in politics since a long time back – so far back it is excluded the Elite could choose their offsprings gender solely male as is now the case with modern assisted reproduction technology. It is therefore unlikely, or impossible rather, that everyone in politics are male… This fact forces the logical conclusion that many of the men in politics are inverted as well.

Of course, it is easier to spot men acting as women due to the fact male hormones have such a huge impact of the physical appearence of a female subject. Still, the rationale here is simple – there are a predominance of female politicians that are in fact men and it follows that a large part of male politicians are in fact born female. I don’t like it, you might not like it – yet it cannot be otherwise as majority of females in the political class turn out to be of male birth.

Further, the physical traits in policial couples are also clearly inverted which makes it is more likely it is our faculty to analyse gender-typical traits that is lacking more-so than inversion being practiced only on men and that the Elite give birth to only baby boys. Numerically such an occurence is not rational or even possible according to any birth statistics available.

Where there is one, there are many

MrE does not go all the way to the mandatory male portion of the EGI equation in politics (yet), but he should and… we must. EGI is a variety of tricks for both males and females, and in politics they seem to use them all – EGI poly tricks.

House of Trannies – 15:46 (mm:ss) – MrE

Gender Bending US Senators – 15:50 – (mm:ss) – MrE

Janet Yellen 16 Trillion Dollar Man – MrE – 08:12 (mm:ss)

Caryslikes this