2 thoughts on “Miss Tranniverse – Past and Present ”

  1. MrE is a very good narrator and his videos are clearly well made and researched. Those who follow research on EGI and also the various YT transvestigators are already familiar with beauty-pageants being a sought-after target for the Elite to dominate.

    In this mediated setting they can introduce new standards of beauty – often gender-confusing as women are given exemples of attractiveness with mostly male-typical features from many, if not most contestants.

    From his previous work and videos we must consider MrE to be a trained observer of transgender beauty-queens and it is therefore surprising he would choose his “cis-gender” exemple by coincidence.

    His model cisgender is Jezelle Alcantara who not only is of different ethnic origin to most caucasian Miss Universe contenders but who moreso is a model herself doing promotional pictures for miraculous weight-loss and marriages.

    Not only does ‘JeezElle’ have a big head, long arms and humerus, no Q-angle, wide-set big eyes, big ears, large mouth, sizeable teeth… But also wrong digit-ratio with a very short left hand index in the video.

    To trust religious text is in itself a very problematic stance (article) but unfortunately a very common fallacy that many transvestigators hide behind – in my view deceptively.

    Even so, to introduce false information so blatantly as with Jezelle Alcantara in this video seems more than incompetence – it appears to be a deliberate mocking of the topic itself as well as the audience. Disappointing but predictable.

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