DrMake no mistake: Jared Kushner registered to vote as a female in 2009

More in your face EGI transgender mainstream media mocking. They gloss over this part and send you into nonsense land.

The news on Wednesday was different, but nonetheless eyebrow raising: When Jared Kushner registered to vote in 2009, he apparently identified his sex as female. Democratic opposition research group American Bridge spotted the error, which was first reported by Wired.

Source: Jared Kushner registered to vote as a female in 2009 — it’s not his first paperwork mistake | Toronto Star

Jungle is one of the few who has done a video on this topic, back in April.


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Another childless leader of Europe 

Start @ 2:04:00…why are so many of the leaders of Europe childless? Adan thinks they are gay, but I think it’s because they are EGI. Any children they acquire will be from the hatchery. 

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Would Princess Diana have retained her royal magic 20 years later?

The answer, of course, is no, especially if she was an EGI individual. I don’t think she is back as Elton s’s husband either. I do think a 56 year old EGI individual is hard to hide even with Royal money. Therefore, it’s necessary to exit stage left, before the world’s most watched human is exposed. 

RIP the persona, I’m sure (s)he lurks among us. 


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