Courtney Cox (CC) covering up her EGI

…with a misdirection facial injection story, which may be true, but is masking the real reason for changing her appearance.

When it comes to looking youthful, Courteney Cox regrets going to doctors for help.

In an interview with New Beauty, the Friends star revealed that going for treatments such as facial injections and fillers drastically altered her appearance which concerned those around her.


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The Cosby Tranny Scandal Show

best comments:

Bill has been tired of doing the rituals for a long time. He wants out. He signed his name in blood for riches and fame just like the rest of them, many, many years ago. So, the only way out is shame and death I hope he has repented to the most-high (Yahweh) through His Son (Yeshua) The Christ. So sad. I pray for his soul.


I think they do these stories either for a freemason humiliation ritual, or because Cosby went against his satanic programming/handlers. He really could have molested these “women” in rituals, but I believe they waited to reveal this for humiliation or… Perhaps Cosby got sick of the rituals and wanted to break free, so they framed him to make him blacklisted in hollywood for going against the agenda. I am positive the people who came out against the alleged abuse got some kind of freemason promotion of some sort. It could be a ritual for them as well, like how Mrs. Universe got her crown taken from her only to become infamous over night.

It happened the same way with Charlie Sheen and many others, stick with their Satanic program you signed up for to obtain fame otherwise they will destroy your image and if it really gets out of hand they will eventually kill you as a sacrifice and the media will point it out on death by drugs, suicide or cancer. (quote) Bill Cosby is getting attacked because he’s an uncooperative Boule member. Boule’s are suppose to steer black society the way the elitist want them to go. This is how Boule members gain the status and recognition. They are suppose to keep the race tensions high and keep black society from thinking freely. Bill Cosby has been outspoken in the past 6-8 years about black people being independent thinkers and reasoning from an objective standpoint; esp politics. This goes against the Boules who are placed in position to retain control over the masses. The logical course of action for the elitist is to destroy his character and credibility using something he has an issue with; women.

Researcher Steve Cokely (1952-2012) is the ultimate source of the information on the Boule. You can find his lectures on YouTube. His persistent theme is that the Jewish financial elite had put a phoney black leadership class in a position of influence and wealth. Their role is to protect their sponsors and perpetuate their hegemony. Genuine leaders like MLK and Malcolm X, who forget their “place,” are eliminated. Ironically, when Steve was hospitalized in 2012 he expressed fears that they would kill him in the hospital. This appears to have taken place. He was married and had three children.
The quintessential hoax and humiliation ritual. Fake. Trust me, Bill Cosby is a male impersonator. Camille Cosby (33) is a female impersonator. Ennis Cosby is FTM, and was never murdered on the “405”. Cosby’s “daughter’s” are all MTF. I don’t like using the alphabet terminology they’ve devised to program the masses with, it simply saves time to use it. The cover of that issue of Time was overflowing with masonic coding. That includes being the “play” being filled with female impersonators. Gloria All-Red is MTF. Same agenda, different day.
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