Why EGI modelling is wrong and dangerous for children 

I often get the question “who cares why EGI is occurring?”

Do we allow drug addicts to model their resultant bodies in the media and give them high exposure for our children to model themselves after? NO! 

Transgender persons are at increased risk for certain types of chronic diseases, cancers, and mental health problems. Below is a list of the key health concerns transgender persons should consider discussing with their doctor.


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Country music EGI/Transvestigation: Blake Shelton is gay & Miranda Lambert is a man 

Even the Dixie Chicks/Guys are suspicious.
Once more, Howard Stern is a big promoter of Natalie Maines, lead singer of the Dixie Boys.

This transvestigator is another in the line of Christian researchers. They come at it from the blasphemous angle – and that’s fine with me. Many of these psyOps are aimed squarely at bible believers, since they’re one of the most organized and large groups in America.

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Transgender together

Transgenderism is an elite indulgence. What it does in the general population is induce mental illness. Here is the proof (even if the story is probably fake). Real people are getting hurt by this, if only mentally.

This is why this sub-blog exists – to study a real phenomenon that is hurting mainly children.

A transgender father and daughter from the US have shared their remarkable journeys as they transition together. Eric and Corey Maison, from Detroit, each struggled for years with their gender identities, unaware their loved one was also facing a battle of their own. Corey, 15, told her parents she identified as a girl four years ago. Then last year, her mother Erica revealed she too would transition and live as Eric.

Source: Meet the transgender father and daughter transitioning together – 9news.com.au

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