Tiger Woods – EGI? Mike Tyson?

Not much transvestigating of this elite athlete.

I only bring this up because he’s @humhow’s hero and he mentioned it on today’s show.

I believe that many top athletes are engineering projects. Is Tiger Tiger burning bright for this reason (recently burned out)?

Mike Tyson? He had a similar sexual scandal to make it clear that he was a man.


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POM/Straight on MM/EGI “psyOp”

Now normal POM supporters are miffed at Miles Mathis’ latest attack on EGI research.

“I haven’t read anything on POM or MM in a few weeks but I just checked in to read MM’s tranny paper and, my lord, he’s gone off the rails with arrogance, ego, and closed-mindedness. I’m stunned how blind I was to it.


Straight on Mathis and trannies

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Jon Humanity on Miles Mathis’ Transvestigation Article

Top EGI researcher checks out MM’s critique. 

He says MM has delusions of grandeur, thinking this latest wave of EGI research is because of him. 

He condemns Mr E 3000 for mixing crazy with his transvestigations. 

He praises Apostle Lauralee for inspiring him, despite her attacked persona.

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Project Chaos

Miles Mathis throws down his ruling: EGI is a psyOp, worse than flat earth.

Man, it just keeps getting weirder, doesn’t it? I file this one under Flat Earth. Pizzagate is in the same file. The more real hoaxes I uncover, the more fakes one they have to come up with to keep you diverted. Who wants to slog through Hitler’s genealogy when they can look at trannies instead? As with Flat Earth and Pizzagate, I am not going to be pulled into this one. I am just here to tell you (briefly) that Taylor Swift (above, 2nd from left) is not a tranny. Neither are any of her three friends.* I would be willing to prove that by playing doctor with any one of them, or all four together, right now. I will go over them all with a magnifying glass and a finetooth comb and report back to you.

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Elite don’t like a woman’s monthly smell

JS was ahead of his time doing this video back in 2014.

What an amazing comment he found and highlights at the beginning of this video. 


Very interesting subject.  Thank you for your video.  Here’s something to think about:  The masons have always considered real women to be “dirty” due to their menstruation and the smell that goes with it.  A real woman gives off a certain “smell” every month. Masons don’t allow real women into their meeting places, or at least that’s what they say.  Some folks say that these “royals” are not human anyway and that the smell of a real woman sets them off into a “frenzy”.  These folks say that’s why they use these “trannies” for the public eye instead of a real woman, because a tranny doesn’t have the smell of a real woman, and so they can handle their public appearances without being “bothered” by a real woman’s smell.  Just a thought.         

The two Camerons, past leaders in the UK, certainly look EGI. 

H/t Unreal 

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