From a mile away

Dani MathersSo grateful for learning about EGI and fakery.

Now, I can spot what I think is an MTF from a mile away.

I realize these “victims” are used in fake stories quite easily.

Here’s an EGI and fake story as an example.

A Playboy model lost an effort to dismiss a criminal charge for taking a photo of a naked 71-year-old woman at a gym and posting it on social media with disparaging remarks about the woman’s body.

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Youtube transgenda

My comment on the youtube revenue “controversy”.

Thanks for the link! The site felt your influence! Come for a chat anytime, you’re always welcome. For the record, I think all advertisers are getting wise to the scam that is broadcast, cable, and even youtube – they’re just not reaching consumers. When the money dries up, those used to getting paid better look for other sources, including content creators here on youtube. I don’t think it’s any more complicated then that.

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