Why use transgenders?

The King still rules in other forms, and this is why they use these special “in betweens” to spread their messages. Creating transgenders creates subservient eunuchs. They’re even more enslaved as they will need life-long maintenance to maintain their deception.

The ancient Hebrew word officer could be translated eunuch. It was a common practice in ancient times to make those highest in the royal courts eunuchs, to ensure they would be wholly devoted to their king. Because this practice was common, the term came to be used for all who served in important positions in a king’s court, whether they were actually eunuchs or not” Excerpt from Enduring Word

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Wayne and Janet Gretzky reversos?  

Wayne is a natural treasure. 

He’s always been soft spoken, humble, charitable. He’s always been protected by the big men on his trams as a player. 

Is he an EGI project of the elites? 

I don’t want to believe it bit I also cannot ignore the possibility. 

His wife and her look always bothered me. 

Is EGI the reason? 

Humble brought it up early in today’s show, but laughed it off. Listen at 18:33 

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Hellywood inverted couples

Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon

Matthew Broderick and Sara Jessica Parker

How many EGI couples are there in Hellywood?

Just watched a fantastic transvestigation on youtube by the Rebooting Christianity Channel on Kevin Bacon and it inspired me to look at Kyra Sedgwick, the person who is the “wife” of that person.  This couple seem to be reverse transgender NWO.

Source: Kyra Sedgwick, possible MTF married to possible FTM? Things are weird in Hellywood! | The Transvestigator

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