Mockery on ET Canada

hristos mandylor –¬†Trans Gender confusion Reigns! – 02:31 mm:ss

No accident Colin Mochrie is a funny comedian… Mochrie is a name that closely resembles “mockery” as well as the french term “moquerie” (much used in french).¬†Colin Mochrie and¬†his wife Deb seem to be an Elite Gender Inverted couple.¬†Normally¬†they would ¬†sexually invert their own offspring from birth if family traditions¬†were¬†respected.

Debra McGrath as young

However, Luke who turned into Kinley in the adult age of 26 is indeed a puzzle. Is he a natural born boy turned girl or is the truth even more intricate Рa double inverted individual ? Difficult to tell as his brow-ridge say masculine and his Adams apple say FTM (while still Luke).

Colin, Deb and (lucky) Luke Mochrie Рare we taken for a gender spin ?

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