Married to Men

There are many famous couples where something seems off with the bride – male celebrities often seem drawn towards men impersonating as women – not natural cis-gender females.

Whenever someone puts on disguise, they will be hard to identify and even harder to spot if you are unaware there is a show going on. And the show is indeed on, the question is if you actually want to understand what show it is ?

The Beatles is a great exemple of popular propaganda where stars are created out of thin air and an entire generations mindset changed. That is the myth as it appears today and is propagated in various ways be it through conspiracy theories on John Lennon’s death, Paul McCartneys replacement or another greatest hits album.

An underlying storyline is nevertheless present, and new YT transvestigator Vicky S. does a good job of showing how very obvious the Beatles members wives and ‘girlfriends’ all look as they could be men originally. What are the chances that all Beatles members have transgendered partners ?

Linda McCartney: Winged Tranny (07:21 mm:ss)

George and Ringo’s Trannies (06:10 mm:ss)

Yoko Ono: John’s Trannies (06:25 mm:ss)

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Made Up Women

Make-up is a powerful tool to make an EGI individual appear more gender-typical and one of the oldest tricks in the continuous efforts to produce EGI disguise. The use of Make-up well emphasise how the Elite use very subversive techniques for adapting common customs to fit their own agenda and the EGI individuals.

Lips are enlarged for cis-gender women by its commonly recommended use which encourages accentuation of the mouth. Such practice might allow MTF individuals to take the opposite route and make their mouths appear less prominent and/or large. The naturally more red lips of women (thinner lipskin & more blood vessels) are thus also concealed and deceptively transfigured.

Cheeks can be transformed with blush and make cis-women appear to have higher, more prominent cheekbones – like men. Inversely, an EGI male-to-female person can use blush to diminish the impression of male cheekbones and soften the harder lines of most men. Heavy eyeshadow will make female shallow eyes appear deeper and give the illusion of more shadow – the deep set back eyes of males are thus less distinguishable and might even be counterbalanced. Various highlights can make prominent bones (eyes, cheek) become less prominent and mislead attention… Makeup seems to be made up, and it clearly serves the EGI well.

ice water roof – 07:50 mm:ss
The Make up Agenda

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Weird Beard

Jack Passion – 2 times World Beard Champion (2007, 2009)

Although both men and women have equal amounts of hair potential through their hair receptors or follicles, it is the male hormones that turn fine colourless hair into thicker, longer and more pigmented hair types. Hair follicles have a growth cycle of around seven years and a follicle must go through its whole growth cycle to regenerate as one hair type or another, Vellus hair or Terminal hair. It is the level of male hormones that determine the number of terminal follicles that produce facial, pubic and scalp hair which make beards unique to men due to their androgen hormone production and thus qualify male facial hair as a secondary sexual characteristics.

Historically beards always played a part in human culture. At the origin, facial hair would have a practical aspect as it protects the face from wind, sun, rain and cold weather. Beards probably also served as an intimidating factor during conflict, presenting a fiercer aspect to the enemy. As more advanced civilisations emerged there was no longer the same need for facial hair, and beards and moustaches at that point played merely a socio-cultural role and was in many cases reserved to the upper classes and nobility. At various points there have even been taxation for beards making it difficult to wear for men of modest fortune, and pulling someone’s beard in the middle ages required settlement in duel..

Jack Passion in Vitabeard beard vitamin promotion
•Typical female headshape, short humerus bone (upper arms), thin sandcolored hair, sparse blond bodyhair, weak eyebrows, narrow sloping shoulders, close facial features – close set eyes, short nose, short mouth – and big fluffy fake red beard.

The first american Beard World Champion was Jack Passion who surprised the world of facial hair during the 2007 World Championship in Brighton by winning 1st Place for Full Beard Natural in his debut competition. Sporting a long thick beard he astutely named ‘Big Red’, Jack has committed complete devotion to his beard thus making him a natural winner at only 23 years old and the first ever ‘Professional Beardsman’ with his 2011 TV series “Whisker Wars” and his milestone book ‘The Facial Hair Handbook’ selling well.

It might be debated whether John Giles really is the first professional beardsman in history, but his commercial success and public image sure has been well orchestrated and professionally managed. The first professional beard-impersonators might in reality have been Ancient Egypt nobility who equally favoured red beards which might be why (lumber) Jack Passion really chose an unnatural red coloured beard despite his own thin and effeminate blond hair.

Jack Passion’s facial hair constitute but a part of his scripted persona as the first American Full Natural Beard World Champion. When we consider that everything Jack do, wear and say is carefully staged and put together in order to create the illusion of a hairy Lumberjack Joe, it becomes clear it’s not really about his ‘Big Red’ beard. The beard is merely what sells him as a female to male EGI role model for men  – and his beard just part of the theatrics behind the retarded lumberjack hairy fashion the Elite has instigated as a useful tool to capture the attention and dictate the behaviour of young men. The beard is simply the tool of the trade, and as fake as Santa Claus, Jesus Christ and Egyptian Pharaohs all-together.

zbainter – 07:06
Passion (2011) – Short film

Jack Passion at the premiere of Mansome (2012)
•Typical female headshape, short arms, thin sandcolored hair, very weak eyebrows, no brow-bone, narrow shoulders, female hips, small hands & close facial features – close set eyes, short nose, short mouth – and ‘Big Red’ false beard.

Original text here & EGI forum post there

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Buffalo Jill

Portrait of William F. Cody known as ‘Buffalo Bill’ (1911)

William Frederick Cody (1846-1917) was an international icon and front-figure for the conquest of the West. Cody started working at 11 after his father died, and by age 14 he was engaged by the Pony Express which marked his debut as a rider and horseman. As a young adult he joined the Union army (1863–1865) during the American Civil War and later became a scout to the US Army in the long lasting American Indian Wars. Cody retired as a US Army Chief of Scouts in 1872 and was awarded the Medal of Honour for gallantry the same year.

Before William Cody quit the Army 26 years old, he had already made the news some years earlier with a series of articles and a novel, even making the front page of the Chicago Tribune. The novel was entitled ‘Buffalo Bill, King of the Bordermen‘ and gave Cody his famous nick-name that originated from Cody’s feat of killing 11 out of 12 buffalos while hunting to feed starving Pony Express* railroad workers.

Cody started his long career as showman with the ‘Buffalo Bill Combination‘ in 1874 and later established the touring ‘Buffalo Bill’s Wild West‘ show in 1883. Cody would continue to spend long periods hunting and scouting, before he began more extensive touring as his ‘Wild West’ met considerable success, performing both in the United States and Europe until 1913. Buffalo Bill was considered worldwide as one of the best known people of his time.

When we analyse William Cody’s career, it is hard not to notice his main occupation was as an actor in his Wild West show during forty years (1873-1913), while his legend as a scout and huntsman lasted less than 9 years. Even in his own time many questioned Buffalo Bill’s real merits and skills.

Seen in todays perspective, it would seem that a large part of William Cody’s life was construed for his later role as a poster-figure for the conquest of the West, and the unification of the American Nation as it was in need of heroes and myth to help create an identity strong enough to hold the American dream together.

Buffalo Bill (1892) with his rifle Springfield Model 1866
•distinctive ‘Mona Lisa’ look in the picture displaying soft thrown out wide hips, narrow shoulders, short arms and fake beard and moustache

William F Cody (1885) in cowboy hat and embroidered, fringed vest
•no jawline, small ears, no brow and very soft grown eyebrows, shallow eyes, soft skin, and artificial theatrical beard and moustache

Cody’s larger than life character hence appears to be a role played in the interest of a young nation in need of glory and noble values. Buffalo Bill seems skillfully crafted and the role played by the lifetime actor and master mason* William Frederick Cody. To best portray his ‘Wild West’ persona there is no doubt Bill could ride and shoot but his skills and attire must be considered part of a script and not the result of a genuine life on the prairie.

As any Wild West performance artist, we must assume much attention was given to his appearence and that his embroidered coats, hats and belts were as well sought out as his hairstyle – and fake beard. If Buffalo Bill was no authentic scout, but rather a trained actor, we must remember how prevalent EGI has proven to be in Hollywood and film from the inception. A capable female actress could very well have played the part of Bill, and the proof might be in the beard – and if you look closely, you might equally see the hidden features* of an EGI lifetime actor.

Ina Talk Shows – 02:35 (in french)
1910 : Buffalo Bill – Archive INA

*Cody was a 32nd degree mason in the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry
*article on ‘Bearded men’ (here) and EGI forum posts on beard (here)

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EGI – it’s REAL

Fakeologist EGI forum thread
200 days + 200 posts

Researching Elite Gender Inversion has been quite a ride so far* and there have been many fellow conspiracy theorists that rather prefer that we stand down and stay away from anything EGI on the certitude it is all a PsyOp.

Indeed, to put down our arms and leave our critical minds at bay would indeed be more to the Elite’s liking than pursuing knowledge even in directions most of us experience as highly uncomfortable, even distasteful.

However, when we have an innate urge to find meaning and sense in following information to gain better insight and more solid standing – we have to support conflicting views, fallacies, ridicule and straight out foul play.

I’m frankly appreciative of the fellow members who have had the stomach to follow the EGI research and very thankful to those that have contributed to the discussion be it in agreement or polite opposition.

For those who have followed the unfolding of the transgender subject and also for those who are in the process of discovering Elite Gender Inversion, hereunder is a condensed overview with links to posts that stand out in my view from the ideas and research brought forth so far in the Fakeologist forum thread on EGI.

A big thanks to the members that have contributed and gathered images, references and links in the quest for better coming to terms with everything gender-related that in the end will enable us and others to apprehend the demographic changes and Elite class we will face now – and probably for quite some time into the foreseeable future:

Thanks el sushi de la mancha, rgos, kelaren, ab, questioningourreality, narrator, Carys, Vespadouglas, Henkus, richard benedict, timr, Terran Downvale, conkersvercite2

EGI is a factual occurence we all can verify in both exoteric and esoteric form – Bruce Jenner, Bradley Manning and Chaz Bono all represent the exoteric side of Elite Gender Inversion while Zeke Smith, Jenna Talackova, and Caroline Cossey illustrate the esoteric side of EGI. The existence of Elite Gender Inversion is in itself not really a matter of opinion – it’s real (and verifiable).

EGI forum thread – So far

Page #01  (18 Nov 2016)
•EGI theory – Introduction
•FTM case : Nicolas Tesla (x-ray hand evidence)
•EGI  history – EGI disguise (list)
•YT video – Gender specific anatomy traits
•MTF theory – Facial feminization Surgeries (FFS)
•MTF theory – Facial feminization Surgeriy exemples
•MTF theory – Voice Correction/feminisation
•MTF case : Judy Wood
•MTF case : Jeanice Barcelo
Page #02  (02 Dec 2016)
•MTF case : Lady Colin Campbell – admitted sex-change
•EGI in the media – Elana Shamji murder victim
•EGI theory – Boy players – classic UK stage-actors (wiki here)
•EGI theory – Lady Diana is David Furnish theory
•EGI theory – Candle In the Wind meme
Page #03  (03 Dec 2016)
•MTF case – Martine Rothblatt – admitted sex-change
•FTM case : Jimmy Savile (post-mortem pedophile)
•EGI theory – Lady Diana is David Furnish (rebuttal)
•MTF suspicion – Kathy Griffin
•FTM case : Friedrich Nietzsche
•EGI theory – Transvestigative YT dangers (list)
Page #04  (06 Dec 2016)
•EGI theory – Transgender Studies Reader (pdf here)
•EGI history – Feminello – classic italian transsexual tradition
•EGI theory – Selective animal breeding (Belgian Blue Bull)
•EGI theory – Havelock Ellis (early sex therapist)
•FTM suspicion – Havelock Ellis
•MTF case : Virginia Woolf
•EGI procreation – EGI childbirth speculation (magick)
•EGI theory – Clay Aiken suspect childbirth
•EGI theory – The jaws of high-fashion models
Page #05  (16 Dec 2016)
•MTF case : Leslie Kenton (deceptive hormone expert,,)
•EGI theory – EGI might be present in ancient paintings
(Machiavelli, Marie de’ Medici, Mona Lisa)
•YT video – Real life HRT therapy videos (1)
•FTM case : George Carlin (1)
•EGI theory – Inverted appearence
(Elisabetta Canalis, Lea T – Kinnon Mackinnon, Buck Angel, Ryan Sallans, Rocco Kayiatos, Ian Harvie, Loren Cameron, Aydian Dowling)
•YT video – Real life HRT therapy videos (2)
•YT video – Real life HRT therapy videos (3)
Page #06  (29 Dec 2016)
•EGI suspicion – Adam Curry
•MTF case : Camille Paglia (and other feminists)
•YT video – Bradley Cooper, Rolling Stones, Terence Trent D’Arby
•FTM case : George Carlin (2)
•EGI theory – EGI Top 10 List
•YT video – River Phoenix transvestigation
•FTM case : Pablo Picasso
•YT video – Hormone Therapy (HRT) 10 famous examples
•FTM theory – Candle In the Wind (2)
•FTM case : Google Founders (Page, Brin)
Page #07  (11 Jan 2017)
•EGI theory – Gender typical diseases (possible EGI disguise)
•EGI theory – FTM Cigar Smokers 
•FTM theory – Candle in the wind (3) Ryan White Aids victim
•MTF case : Diet & Fitness authors
•EGI theory – Female authors on Amazon’s top 100 vegan list
•MTF case : Vegan authors
•MTF case : British nobility (knighted) ‘Ladies’
•EGI theory – Anatomy of an EGI article (Zayin included)
•MTF theory – Beauty Pageants – TG suspicion
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•FTM case : Bodybuilders
•EGI theory – Bodybuilder Bubble gut syndrome
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Page #08  (12 Feb 2017)
•EGI theory – Zayin (7) coding in EGI
•EGI suspicion – MTF actresses cast as villains
•EGI suspicion – Kate Bush MTF voice
•FTM case theory : EGI Alpha Males (‘Fuckalots’)
•EGI suspicion – Wilt the Stilt (serial womanizer) 
•FTM case : Aleister Crowley
•EGI suspicion – Naomi Oreskes
•MTF theory – Tall women
•FTM theory – Short men
•MTF case : Chloë Moretz (1)
•MTF case : Chloë Moretz (2)
Page #09  (01 Mar 2017)
•EGI suspicion – Double EGI child roles (Graves / Ramsey)
•EGI suspicion – Jason Bateman
•FTM case : Mike Tyson
•EGI suspicion – Jason Bateman (bis)
•FTM case : Zbigniew Brzezinski
•FTM case : Henry Kissinger
•MTF case : Ellen Pao & Jessica Mah (Reddit & inDinero)
•EGI anatomy – Cranial gender disparities
•EGI in education – Oxford High School
Page #10  (05 Mar 2017)
•EGI in education – Taylor Gatto
•EGI in the media – Getty Images – possibly EGI related
•EGI suspicion – Sir Mark Getty
•EGI in the media – Renegade Radio – Jon Humanity interview
•MTF case : Chloë Moretz (3) follow up
•EGI in the media – Time article : Beyond ‘He’ or ‘She’
•EGI in the media – BBC Breakfast show
•EGI suspicion – Foster, OBE, Lampard, Bleakley
•EGI origins – Speculation (1)
Page #11  (11 Apr 2017)  
•FTM case : Magnus Carlsen (chess world champion)
•EGI suspicion – Betty Gilpin, Meg Foster
•EGI origins – Speculation (2)
•EGI suspicion – Frida Kahlo (with smoking gun..)
•EGI theory – Embedded Cinema EGI cues
•EGI theory – Embedded Cinema EGI cues (2) MacAvoy, Moretz, Keen
•EGI suspicion – Robin Wright (1)
•EGI theory – Embedded Cinema EGI cues (3) MacAvoy, Moretz, Keen
Page #12  (18 May 2017)
EGI origins – Speculation (3) Aaron Page, NoSoul Waterman, Moretz
•EGI suspicion – Robin Wright (2)
•EGI suspicion – Dafne Keen & Rose Rousso lookalikes
•EGI suspicion – Dafne Keen & Rose Rousso lookalikes (2)
•YT video – Transvestigator (JH) cold feets
•MTF case (France) : Marine Vacth
•MTF case (France) : Françoise Hardy
•EGI in the media – Andrea Constand, Bill Cosby trial
•EGI in the media – Alex/Amanda Henderson Manchester hoax
•EGI thread – Content Index
•EGI in the media – Cara Delevingne & Bella Thorne
Page #13  (06 Jun 2017)
•MTF case : Chloë Moretz (4) chin trouble
•EGI in the media – transpicuous children in ads
•YT video – Bill Cosby Rape victim Andrea Constand (MTF)
•EGI suspicion – Jimmy Somerville (FTM “castrato”)
•MTF case : Marlene Dietrich
•EGI in the media – Hairy Chest swimming suits
•YT video – Jamie Lee Curtis (MTF)
•EGI theory – Transgender Japanese band ‘Loudness’
•YT video – Multicultural Celebrity Transvestigations
•EGI theory – Fake Beards
•EGI in the media – Jamie Lee Curtis reacts on “live” TV
•EGI theory – “shhh” hand sign poster by Carys (now +300)
Page #14  (26 Jun 2017)
•FTM case : Ace Baker
•YT video – Hans Wormhat discuss EGI in his family
•EGI suspicion – Twin Peaks seen with EGI vision
•YT video – Chloë Grace Moritz
•FTM case : Jack Passion, beard World Champion
•EGI suspicion – David Lynch gender-curiousness
•EGI theory – Makeup as disguise (MTF)
•EGI theory – Family photo manipulation
•EGI suspicion – Baby Face Ralph Reed (Christian politician)
Page #15  (03 Jul 2017)
•EGI suspicion – Baby Faced Actors
•EGI suspicion – Ralph Macchio (Karate Kid), Jimmy Scott (jazz singer)
•EGI in the media – Justin Long inversion in TV series Portlandia
•EGI theory – Jimmy Scott’s Kallmann syndrome (or not)
*the EGI forum thread was first posted November 18th (2016) and has thus been online (as of 6/6/17) for 200 days with a current total of 244 posts

misomCaryslike this

Disguised in Drag

Hans Wormhat Vimeo channel – 16:02 mm:ss
Milk Transvestigation. Are Drag Queens Secretly FTM Transgenders?

Gay manifestations and parades are often led by the smiling, inoffensive faces of overly feminized men and the characterised figures of drag queens. Dancing happily in front of colourful crowds much like clowns in a circus, men in make-up and close fitted skirts lure us into a false sense banality and happiness as they trick our minds into the pleasant fields of the imaginary and playful and even appealing to children and/or youth.

There is of course nothing less offensive about a drag queen than a normal man* – but their disguise and mannerism have people inadvertently fooled. The gay movement is in reality clearly militarist in nature – a movement led by men for men in their own interest as a minority and implicitly menacing as any large group of vindictive men will be. Drag queens indeed soften the aggressive side of homosexual activism with exaggerated femininity and a focus on entertainment.

Drag queen’s deceptive nature and couvert role in popularising and pacifying the all-male gay movement should should probably lead us to more scrutiny. They are clearly ambivalent in regards to gender and by appearence truly androgynous so where does their performance really start and does it really stop?

It seems evident that the attention given to these creatures is as exaggerated as their own appearence and the roles they play scripted. As we have seen with celebrity individuals as a group, some will definitely be part of the Elite and therefore be implicated by Elite Gender Inversion – only it appear so counter-intuitive in their case as they already admit to gender-bending by the nature of their performing skills.

A perfect disguise of sorts if we for one second see how this might present itself from their own perspective. Hans Wormhat’s analysis of Dan Donigan ( Milk ) makes a good case for how EGI might indeed fit in.

*gay men might also be just acting as men (FTM) – but they are still perceived as male in the eye of the public

(original text found here)

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Nadya Suleman gave birth to octuplets 2009 with help of ART (IVF)

ART is the acronym for Artificial Reproduction Technology and no doubt an area of great interest to the Elite. Only by the choice of words, it seems that the Elite do indeed master the art of creating artificial pregnancies. Art signifies the mastery of a discipline, and while many medical fields have not seen much advancements or cures in modern times (despite numerous claims), advanced reproduction technologies have been rolled out at a fast pace, becoming widely available to the population in the western world (for now).

From an Elite perspective, reproductive technology is a key area where they not only will better ensure their own lineage and possibly ‘improve’ their superior nature, but more importantly ART will give the current technocracy the ability to control their working force to an unprecedented degree. The incessant population polls, allopathic hospital births and mandatory infant follow-up with medical procedures tend to show the Elites strive to achieve complete dominion over their prime resource – fellow humans. By pure technocratic logic, artificial reproduction technology holds the promise to gradually ensure the Elite a long sought after control of the most primordial criteria to human existence – reproduction.

When we look at how Artificial Reproduction Technology became such a ‘necessity’, we already have many trails that indicate how fertility rates constitute secret target since quite some time. There might be many roads that lead to low fertility rates, but significant factors would be vaccines, birth-control and food. The sterilizing effect of vaccines is well established in alternative investigations (see Clint Richardson’s work here ), pesticides and food preserving chemicals are known dangers, the pill modifies a woman’s hormonal balance in a detrimental way and there might be more to wearing condoms than the immediate sterilizing effect.

To sell the attractiveness of ART there is of course nothing better than propaganda. We might already have more serendipitous promotion of Artificial Reproduction Technology than we are aware of. As with most propaganda, it is manufactured according to established and proven procedures – and in the case of childbirth we are clearly subjected to archetypical gender models which we know is of interest to our class of Better‘s. What more predictable than the Elite to make us awe at contrived wonders of ART (Artificial Reproduction Technology) – Hello Octomom Nadya Suleman.

Suleman very pregnant 8 days from the birth of her octuplets (2009)

The story of Natalie Denise Doud-Suleman is in itself very rich and might deserve a whole topic on its own in regards to media deception. Some interesting facts from Suleman’s very mediated life is that she’s the mother of 14 children (Double Zayin) all from in vitro fertilization (IVF), engaged her own PR company same week as her mega-birth, signed tv-rights for each of her octuplets, went on tv-shows very shortly after delivery (Dr.Phil, Oprah & more), posed nude for UK magazine Closer, filed bankruptcy in Orange County, starred in the film ‘666 Devil’s Child‘, featured as the bride in the Cledus Judd ‘Honeymoon‘ music-video, worked as a stripper, checked herself into Chapman House Treatment Center LA for Xanax addiction, and to top it all off – made an adult movie called ‘Octomom Home Alone‘ by Wicked Pictures. And of course, there is more drama to be found regarding ‘Octomom’ – it seems as plentyful as her fertililty.

Despite the quantity of media news-stories, an important fact the press conveniently avoid to adress is that Doud-Suleman could be as artificial as her offspring and in reality no mother at all. Her character seems entirely created for the pleasure of the media acting as a deceptive proponent of in vitro fertilization, and using a fair share of negative publicity to do so. As one might come to realise, the Elite has a gender-agenda on their drawing board and whenever they introduce a gender-typical model, they seemingly force-fit EGI characters into the script whenever they can. Only by her name does Octomom Nadya Doud-Suleman seem to tell the story quite plainly – ‘Doud’ is remeniscent of ‘Dude’ and Suleman seems to be a pun where the french word for only/alone (Seul/Sule) precedes the very typical “Man” we find appended to so many illustrious names. The Octomom might well be a ‘Dude’ and a Single Man (Suleman)…

“I have no interest in being famous. I’d love to vanish from the public eye as soon as I can.”
— Nadya Suleman

‘Octomom’ (2010) in Animal Rights campaign (PETA) for Pet Birth Control
•male overall proportions, square shoulders, breast implants, long arms, wide mouth, long dos and deep set eyes

N. Suleman exhibiting slender figure on Orange County beach (2011)
•male overall proportions, square shoulders, breast implants, long arms, big hands, narrow hips, male adonis bel and no q-angle (despite deceptive pose)

(original text found here)

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