Elite don’t like a woman’s monthly smell

JS was ahead of his time doing this video back in 2014.

What an amazing comment he found and highlights at the beginning of this video. 


Very interesting subject.  Thank you for your video.  Here’s something to think about:  The masons have always considered real women to be “dirty” due to their menstruation and the smell that goes with it.  A real woman gives off a certain “smell” every month. Masons don’t allow real women into their meeting places, or at least that’s what they say.  Some folks say that these “royals” are not human anyway and that the smell of a real woman sets them off into a “frenzy”.  These folks say that’s why they use these “trannies” for the public eye instead of a real woman, because a tranny doesn’t have the smell of a real woman, and so they can handle their public appearances without being “bothered” by a real woman’s smell.  Just a thought.         

The two Camerons, past leaders in the UK, certainly look EGI. 

H/t Unreal 

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Why EGI modelling is wrong and dangerous for children 

I often get the question “who cares why EGI is occurring?”

Do we allow drug addicts to model their resultant bodies in the media and give them high exposure for our children to model themselves after? NO! 

Transgender persons are at increased risk for certain types of chronic diseases, cancers, and mental health problems. Below is a list of the key health concerns transgender persons should consider discussing with their doctor.


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Androgen insensitivity syndrome: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

Androgen insensitivity syndrome (AIS) is when a person who is genetically male (who has one X and one Y chromosome) is resistant to male hormones (called androgens). As a result, the person has some or all of the physical traits of a woman, but the genetic makeup of a man.

Source: Androgen insensitivity syndrome: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

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