FEMBOYS – Sissy Traps 

A co-worker says that transvestites (at least) are all over the (straight) Toronto night clubs – more than ever before.

He even asked a girl he took to make a determination on one attractive person at the bar and the girl couldn’t tell either which way (or Zhe?)

Confusion reigns in the minds of our young people. This is not good for reproduction and the natural way.

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Teens transgender trendy

Psychiatrist Stephen Stathis, who runs the gender clinic at Brisbane’s Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital and is responsible for diagnosing gender dysphoria, reports that “many” youth are “trying out being transgender” in order to stand out.


Via Are Teens Becoming Transgender Because It’s Trendy? questioningourreality.blogspot.com/2017/04/are-teens-becoming-transgender-because.html

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