Assuming the illusion

This story has the built in assumption that the Duchess is a natural woman, and not a MTF. It then, by deduction, reinforces the idea that because she is a (real) woman with breasts, that taking pictures of them surreptitiously is wrong. Of course, most Europeans don’t sexualize breasts like America does, indicating this fake story was probably made in the USA. 

To be clear, it’s postulated that most royals are transgender. 

Three photographers appeared in a French court Tuesday over topless photographs of the Duchess of Cambridge, an alleged invasion of privacy that outraged Britain’s royal family.

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Jon and Hans

These guys sound similar but aren’t the same.

I like Jon, but I can’t stand his overuse of the word “like”. While all millenials do this, I’ve never heard such pervasive use and it does take away from his message.

Hans needs to up his investigations to be at least as detailed as Jon’s. His videos are lacking most of the 20+ characteristics of a trans being detailed, making them unconvincing even if he is right.

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