Buffalo Jill

Portrait of William F. Cody known as ‘Buffalo Bill’ (1911)

William Frederick Cody (1846-1917) was an international icon and front-figure for the conquest of the West. Cody started working at 11 after his father died, and by age 14 he was engaged by the Pony Express which marked his debut as a rider and horseman. As a young adult he joined the Union army (1863–1865) during the American Civil War and later became a scout to the US Army in the long lasting American Indian Wars. Cody retired as a US Army Chief of Scouts in 1872 and was awarded the Medal of Honour for gallantry the same year.

Before William Cody quit the Army 26 years old, he had already made the news some years earlier with a series of articles and a novel, even making the front page of the Chicago Tribune. The novel was entitled ‘Buffalo Bill, King of the Bordermen‘ and gave Cody his famous nick-name that originated from Cody’s feat of killing 11 out of 12 buffalos while hunting to feed starving Pony Express* railroad workers.

Cody started his long career as showman with the ‘Buffalo Bill Combination‘ in 1874 and later established the touring ‘Buffalo Bill’s Wild West‘ show in 1883. Cody would continue to spend long periods hunting and scouting, before he began more extensive touring as his ‘Wild West’ met considerable success, performing both in the United States and Europe until 1913. Buffalo Bill was considered worldwide as one of the best known people of his time.

When we analyse William Cody’s career, it is hard not to notice his main occupation was as an actor in his Wild West show during forty years (1873-1913), while his legend as a scout and huntsman lasted less than 9 years. Even in his own time many questioned Buffalo Bill’s real merits and skills.

Seen in todays perspective, it would seem that a large part of William Cody’s life was construed for his later role as a poster-figure for the conquest of the West, and the unification of the American Nation as it was in need of heroes and myth to help create an identity strong enough to hold the American dream together.

Buffalo Bill (1892) with his rifle Springfield Model 1866
•distinctive ‘Mona Lisa’ look in the picture displaying soft thrown out wide hips, narrow shoulders, short arms and fake beard and moustache

William F Cody (1885) in cowboy hat and embroidered, fringed vest
•no jawline, small ears, no brow and very soft grown eyebrows, shallow eyes, soft skin, and artificial theatrical beard and moustache

Cody’s larger than life character hence appears to be a role played in the interest of a young nation in need of glory and noble values. Buffalo Bill seems skillfully crafted and the role played by the lifetime actor and master mason* William Frederick Cody. To best portray his ‘Wild West’ persona there is no doubt Bill could ride and shoot but his skills and attire must be considered part of a script and not the result of a genuine life on the prairie.

As any Wild West performance artist, we must assume much attention was given to his appearence and that his embroidered coats, hats and belts were as well sought out as his hairstyle – and fake beard. If Buffalo Bill was no authentic scout, but rather a trained actor, we must remember how prevalent EGI has proven to be in Hollywood and film from the inception. A capable female actress could very well have played the part of Bill, and the proof might be in the beard – and if you look closely, you might equally see the hidden features* of an EGI lifetime actor.

Ina Talk Shows – 02:35 (in french)
1910 : Buffalo Bill – Archive INA

*Cody was a 32nd degree mason in the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry
*article on ‘Bearded men’ (here) and EGI forum posts on beard (here)

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The Cosby Tranny Scandal Show

best comments:

Bill has been tired of doing the rituals for a long time. He wants out. He signed his name in blood for riches and fame just like the rest of them, many, many years ago. So, the only way out is shame and death I hope he has repented to the most-high (Yahweh) through His Son (Yeshua) The Christ. So sad. I pray for his soul.


I think they do these stories either for a freemason humiliation ritual, or because Cosby went against his satanic programming/handlers. He really could have molested these “women” in rituals, but I believe they waited to reveal this for humiliation or… Perhaps Cosby got sick of the rituals and wanted to break free, so they framed him to make him blacklisted in hollywood for going against the agenda. I am positive the people who came out against the alleged abuse got some kind of freemason promotion of some sort. It could be a ritual for them as well, like how Mrs. Universe got her crown taken from her only to become infamous over night.

It happened the same way with Charlie Sheen and many others, stick with their Satanic program you signed up for to obtain fame otherwise they will destroy your image and if it really gets out of hand they will eventually kill you as a sacrifice and the media will point it out on death by drugs, suicide or cancer. (quote) Bill Cosby is getting attacked because he’s an uncooperative Boule member. Boule’s are suppose to steer black society the way the elitist want them to go. This is how Boule members gain the status and recognition. They are suppose to keep the race tensions high and keep black society from thinking freely. Bill Cosby has been outspoken in the past 6-8 years about black people being independent thinkers and reasoning from an objective standpoint; esp politics. This goes against the Boules who are placed in position to retain control over the masses. The logical course of action for the elitist is to destroy his character and credibility using something he has an issue with; women.

Researcher Steve Cokely (1952-2012) is the ultimate source of the information on the Boule. You can find his lectures on YouTube. His persistent theme is that the Jewish financial elite had put a phoney black leadership class in a position of influence and wealth. Their role is to protect their sponsors and perpetuate their hegemony. Genuine leaders like MLK and Malcolm X, who forget their “place,” are eliminated. Ironically, when Steve was hospitalized in 2012 he expressed fears that they would kill him in the hospital. This appears to have taken place. He was married and had three children.
The quintessential hoax and humiliation ritual. Fake. Trust me, Bill Cosby is a male impersonator. Camille Cosby (33) is a female impersonator. Ennis Cosby is FTM, and was never murdered on the “405”. Cosby’s “daughter’s” are all MTF. I don’t like using the alphabet terminology they’ve devised to program the masses with, it simply saves time to use it. The cover of that issue of Time was overflowing with masonic coding. That includes being the “play” being filled with female impersonators. Gloria All-Red is MTF. Same agenda, different day.
likes this

Can you hear her ?

Jimmy Somerville (1961) known from Bronski Beat, The Communards

There are many female vocalists* with “husky” voices, but also men with very castrato-like female pitch, also known as countertenors or falsetto. Not all such singers will perform in opera houses these days, even though the term and qualities of the classical “castrato” singer often are mentioned and used to describe modern vocalists as well (ex. Javier Medina, Jimmy Scott, Jorge Cano, Paulo Abel do Nascimento).

As much as the Castrato* might in reality be a purposefully shrewd misrepresentation of transgendered girls, it does seem equally probable that the Elite have pursued their efforts to produce hormonal voice wonders with Elite Gender Inverted individuals also today, and that they just rebranded their top products with the advent of modern audio and audiovisual media. The horror story of castration was likely no longer needed when everyone could be experiencing the direct effects of music from records and radio as popular music became reality.

There are of course many male artists that might be suspect of participation in the Elite gameplan and thus taking advantage of hormonal treatments (HRT) to inherit extra-ordinary vocal qualities. One of the most glaring exemples of what i strongly suspect is a gender inverted ‘male’ castrato would be 80s popstar Jimmy Somerville in his short stature, narrow shoulders and wiggling wide’ish waist. Despite his physical features and early baldness – his voice just sound exactly what we can expect from a modern-day EGI castrato.

Jimmy Somerville OFFICIAL – 03:02 mm:ss
Smalltown Boy Reprise 2014

*Female artists with deep voices

*Castrato article

EGI forum post entry here

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