Assange and The Family Tranny Psyop 

We know Assange is an actor – but is he an EGI?

These “special” experimental people are used/blackmailed for the nutwork’s phony narrative.

Who knew Assange had such a bizarre (fake) back story? I didn’t!

Some good comments:

Look at all famous whistle blowers: – Julian Assange, fake rape story, dates famous actress, appears all over mainstream news, constantly appears in the media to give his opinion on every single issue, fashion model even – Edward Snowden, CIA agent, mainstream news everywhere, sheltered in China and Russia with their tranny leaders, interviews endlessly despite his warnings being literally nothing worthwhile to anyone with even half a brain – ‘Chelsea’ Manning (double transgender), ridiculous media coverage and pushes transgender issue to the forefront, pushes the idea that America is a warlike country to the rest of the world, when really only our Jewish leaders want war – Mark Felt, Woodward, Bernstein, entire Watergate scandal is pure hoax, lots of Hollywood play, Nixon was a tranny, as are all presidents, big giant scandals just to make more chaos and cause more debate, now everything is named xxxx-gate – Daniel Ellsberg, pentagon papers hoax, a Jew whose parents converted to Christianity…….right, family was highly satanic and high up in Freemasonry though, pushes all sorts of fear on the masses about the government handling all sorts of crazy sci-fi weapons – Lina Tripp, Matt Drudge, breaking the Lewinsky-Cliton affair, total psyop with all transgenders, launched Drudge’s career, a transgender kike pedophile is now the #1 source for news for millions of people because of this psyop – Frank Serpico, helped steer people away from exposing Freemasonry in the police forces, lauded as hero to this day, played by trannies in Hollywood, now appearing with NFL (tranny) players and spouting more garbage – Karen Silkwood, wanted to blow the whistle over nuclear power being unsafe (yet the truth is it is a hoax, nuclear power and weapons are lies), died in fake car accident meant to look suspicious (Princess Diana style), immortalized in Hollywood films, 99% of people alive think nukes are real because of events like this – Mordechai Vanunu, Israeli Jew, who revealed that Israel had nuclear weapons, lauded as hero for wanting unclear disarmament. Of course nuclear weapons are a lie and this person is an actor. But now there are people who spend half their lives fighting for nuclear disarmament. If only they knew that nukes never existed in the first place You can find whistle blower events in the 1700s and 1600s and back before Christ even. Jews are involved in every single one of them. The Book of Esther is literally a hoax event like this.

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Dana Lisa
If you are a sincere seeker of truth, you will check out the Roman Catholic Church and the Jesuits. I don’t believe you are sincere, however. The Roman Catholic Church is behind “zionism” from the beginning. They created the first and second world wars, so they could murder non satanist jewish people, and replace them with the satanic transgendered population that is now in Israel. Israel is a Roman Catholic psy op. The Roman cult is behind all dictators. Below is the link by a book by an ex Roman Catholic priest, who conducted a trial at the pope’s Rota and found that Jesuits wrote the PROTOCOLS OF ZION, for the express purpose of blaming the Jewish people and fomenting a holocuast. They were working at the university that housed Luther’s papers, and snuck in their own fabrication, “The Jews and Tehir Lies’. Behind the Dictators : L.H.Lehmann : Free Download & Streaming … Please read Vatican Assassins by Eric Jon Phelps, and the five ex priests he dedicates his book to. Albert Pike, Freemason, was handled by Jesuit priest Pierre de Smet, and he said that the Temple Mount would be “the seat of Roman Catholic worship”. Barry Chamish said that the RCC owns 60% of Jerusalem, controls the Temple Mount, and controls Israel. Why would a Freemason, devil worshipping Alber Pike, push the idea of the Temple Mount as being the seat of ROMAN CATHOLIC worship. The PR is that the Roman cult hates Freemasonry! Not so, they have controlled it for more than 500 years and wrote all 33 degrees, although they claim that Fredrick the Great wrote the last 8 degrees, but the Jesuits were Fredrick’s guest at the time, as the Vatican had expelled them!. The Roman cult controls all religions and all cults.and the transgeder psyop. It is their long desire to create another holocaust in America this time. Read the comics of ex Jesuit priest Alberto Rivera. Listen to the youtubes of how it is the Vatican in charge of the entire world economy and all nations, and the transgender psy op. If you don’t check out the RCC and the Jesuits, you are refusing to do your homework and I iconclude you are not sincere, but are an agent mind controlled from childhood, and paid to plant disinformation, the purpose to bring on another holocaust of the Jewish people, the long term goal of the RCC is to create a Nazi and Croatian style holocaust in America, of Jews, Protestants, and all non papists. Avro Manhattan, historian, and ex Roman catholic historian Edmond Paris, say that Croatia is a TEMPLATE OF THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH FOR AMERICA. Vatican’s Holocaust in Croatia, Yugoslavia and … – Spiritually Smart THE JESUITS, PRIESTHOOD OF ABSOLUTE EVIL … – YouTube Video for jesuits priesthood of absolute evil▶ 1:01:24 Sep 2, 2013 – Uploaded by ChristianPatriarchy A SUMMARY OF THE CHURCH OF ROME’S ORIGINAL WAFFEN SS AND THEIR WAR AGAINST GOD.

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The word “Jew” is used because it’s easy for the majority to hate the minority – classic Divide and Conquer 101. The RCC is one leg of the triumvirate that forms the Nutwork.
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Chap (man)

Tracy Chapman born in Cleveland Ohio 1964

Some individuals in the entertainment industry are clearly scripted to test our critical faculties and in the case of Tracy Chapman it safe to say we are well served.

When i discovered Chapman as young, i did already pause and ask myself if this individual really could be a woman as she was represented to be. Everything seemed wrong – her voice, her face, her body… Not to mention Chapman lately came out as a lesbian and longtime partner of Alice Walker (author of The Color Purple). Even her name went by unnoticed at the time, but looking back.. Chapman.. Really ?

The purpose for making some EGI cases obvious and somewhat blatant as with Chapman can be of psychological nature. As a matter of fact, when we accept this type of couvert psychological abuse it constitutes a subtle but efficient attack on our critical mind, and we might in fact modify our behaviour as we subconsciously thus bond to our aggressors (traumatic bonding). With Chapman we are flagrantly abused by the music industry and the mainstream press – music to the ears of some.

Many openminded alternative researchers apparently have their eyes wide shut, but the abuse to which we are all subjected is consequential and to repair the damage might take longer than what we might anticipate. It is an easy excuse to find plausible denial in the many difficult cases as transvestigators try to catch up to the latest and sometimes unlikely candidates for Elite Gender Inversion.

EGI resistant researchers really do not need more than one affirmative case in order to forcibly reevaluate their position and attitude. If there are indeed Elite members who impersonate the opposite gender consciously, wilfully and knowingly to our incredulity and detriment – it is only the abusive bonding to the system we live under that prevent ‘critical minds’ to see what is so screamingly obvious in many celebrities and especially in this case – it is a Chap, man !

Atlantic Records – 04:24 (mm:ss)
Tracy Chapman – Bang Bang Bang

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