Syrian Boy

The Elite is newer shy of leading the opposition and often use some surprising ‘cutting edge‘  individuals to do so. The Middle East has been a war zone for quite some time and heavily propagated in the mainstream but still a region very few in the alternative media is intimately familiar with.

Luckily for conspiracy-land – we soon got to know ‘Mimi Al Laham‘ from her Youtube channel and various “alternative” news channels. Mostly known as just ‘Syrian Girl‘ her views soon spread thick and thin.

‘People are dying, and I have a duty as a human being and as someone of Syrian origin to expose the truth about why. A duty to give a voice to those Syrians who have not been heard, who have rejected the instability caused by the US support of the extremist rebels.’
– Maram Susli aka Syrian Girl

Syrian Girl is supposedly born in Damascus Syria and now lives ‘down-under’ in Australia where she continue her fight for the Syrian people… Sure, it sounds very humane to act in this fashion if there indeed was such a thing as a monstrous wars and terrorist beheadings really taking place. Also propaganda in the form of artificial conflict and terror does of course inflict pain and damage – and in such a light Syrian Girl seem no better than other disinformation agents.

In order to create a believable character to the truth community, it does of course make a lot of sense to implicate a native Syrian citizen. By being portrayed as young – like Mimi Al Laham – she can also be understood to have a decent level of english and also dispose enough computer skills to convincingly make her own voice heard through contemporary media such as Youtube, Instagram, Twitter et cetera. But why insist on a gender typical pseudonym ?

Mimi Al Laham – I’m Halal Imam (direct anagram)

Whenever we run across mediated individuals who make use of gender identity glued onto their name it is seldom by chance, but by design. To make things even more sensational, the Daily Mail in 2014 (article) were not even shy about comparing Syrian Girl to Kim Kardashian – which in light of EGI suspicion smells pretty bad.

Alternative media is already plentiful of EGI characters and in that sense Syrian Girl is not an exception. What might be surprising is how easily we can overlook obvious visual cues only by the information we are dealing with a girl from Syria and not scrutinise her person in the same way we question her reporting.

Needless to say, all of Syrian Girl’s media-outlets and pundits would not be as blind to her contrived character and Male to Female qualities as the general public. This well reflects how alternative media is no more different or beneficial through its interventions than mainstream media.  The same propaganda strategies and lifetime actors are systematically used also in ‘truth-media’ in order to keep us all tangled up in false paradigms and fake role models – often and preferably by inverted characters part of the elusive EGI portion of our (high) society.

Syrian Girl on Infowars with fellow EGI reporter Alex Jones
•Head size is clearly male as are her wide facial features – compared with A. Jones both ‘reporters’  have inverted anatomical characteristics.

Maram Susli aka ‘Syrian Girl’ on Studio 10 newscast in 2014 (video)
•Very large chest and ribcage, straight wide shoulders, hair to cover collar bones, big head, very wide set eyes, long sizeable nose, moustache enabled upper lip, large mouth and prominent male cheekbones

Syrian Girl Talk’s World War Three: Elite Planning WW3!
tley bedroom – 27 jan 2017 – 06:41 (mm:ss)

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North, East, West, South - our media encode, script and popularize stories that aim to control the general population. Information is not free or harmless - rather a controlled and refined weapon covertly used on our minds ever since its inception - and model - the Babel.

8 thoughts on “Syrian Boy”

  1. Hi UNreal and a good 2018 !
    Very interesting post UNreal. I am still in the beginning of my following the EGI topic but having followed “syrian girl” on twitter back in the times of the “arab spring”, i’d like to comment on your post. In the times when “syrian girl” became prominent as a commentator i think one in two “activist” accounts of the arab destruction in social media was managed by intelligence. I am wondering, why the personas or characters created for the purpose of propaganda should have specific gender engineered characteristics. Not that I disagree with you that it is fact – there are too many examples which prove you right – just trying to raise my “own” questions. Dealing with countries such as Syria or Libya there must be some difficulty to find suitable personel for media jobs of the empire, speaking fluently local dialects and english. By the way, “syrian girl” does on first sight not look syrian at all but rather like a mixture of philippinian, afghan and southamerican origins. (Back then, she had a phantastic drawing of a oriental woman as an avatar, not photopgraps). On the other hand, it does not seem likely to me, that gender modification on that level is directly managed with the premises of the media “elite”. I can imagine though, that in multiple regions of the world transgenderism is affiliated to strategies of social profiling, namely of economic success or just survival. It would be intersting to research also that perspective of transgenderism as strategy, which would touch the cultural colonization that has been underway for decades.

  2. Hello Misom – wish you a good 2018 likewise.

    Agree that intelligence is all over the “Arab liberation” and your estimate of 50% of alternative media being intelligence might be overly moderate. To control your own opposition you need… full control.

    If you do not have total control, you are not actually IN control and thus tributary to a variety of risk factors. I see no need for the Elite to expose themselves to any risk when they do not need to. In the case of syrian “truthers” there were none promoted before Mimi Al Laham aka “I’m Halal Imam” – most known as “Syrian Girl”.

    Syria is a country of 15+ millions or thereabouts so we can safely assume there is a substantial Elite who since a long time back have sent their children abroad in the many private schools to mingle with fellow Elite offspring. Actually Switzerland is full of such private boarding schools where we must assume EGI will be on the menu – as EGI always will be in the most exclusive eduction facilities. Alternative truthers will also mostly stem from Elite families, so there would be no shortage of Syrian candidates speaking english for intelligence-work such as Syrian Girl’s reporter role.

    And of course – Syrian Girl doesn’t even need to be Syrian – who in the West could really check her local Damascus knowledge? Language-wise Syria use Modern Standard Arabic, so no need for local dialect. Externally, Syrian Girl actually look Circassian to me which would mean she’s part of the Turk Elite and might in fact speak Turkish privately. Just as a reminder – the Kuwaiti false witness to dead infants on hospital floors during the Irak war was the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador in the USA (Nayirah testimony).

    Regarding gender inversion it is an old practice that appears to be commonplace at the top of our society. The media is equally dense with EGI just like entertainment in general. Journalists and “alt truthers” are an operational part of the Elite media effort and sometimes even openly related to influential families and part of Elite social life. Of course, most alternative researchers in hats, caps, sunglasses and beards mostly will hide their true family affiliations which are hard to pinpoint – but their roles are valued as conspiracy outlets indeed lead the opposition to officialdom and public agendas.

    As to the reason the ‘Syrian Girl’ character is played by an EGI entity it is quite simply because she’s part of the controlled opposition run by the Elite in the interest of the Elite. The reason why the Elite practice multi-generational gender inversion is more complex* and intricate than the case of ‘Syrian Girl‘ who is simply played by an EGI entity is because most role models in the media (also the alt media) actually are Elite members and thus EGI compatible or EGI themselves.

    *see the Fakeologist Forum thread for more on the many reasons of EGI:

    also the article “Why Oh Why” touch on the logic to Elite EGI practice

    Below ‘Truther Girl’ Sonia – many girls are boys in Alt Media..

  3. Seeing “Syrian Girl” just reminded me of another mysterious character “The Croatian Girl.” Remember her? She was a teenage truther interviewed by Patricia Steere on her show (which seems to be missing now). Ab did a post about her back then. I could have sworn I left some comments on that post pointing out some things. I recall she was really into reptiles and seemed to try to make herself look “Reptilian” in some of her pics. There was definitely something odd about her but I wasn’t even considering EGI at the time. Well, it looks like hristos mandylor has called her out in this comment (where she responds under her new name “vipera fangs”):

    As always, it seems best to be cautious with younger subjects. But it appears she’s nearly 18 now from the birth date on this profile:

    Here’s her FaceBook:

    What do you think?

  4. That “Croatian Girl” is new to me @Terran Downvale. The fact she deliberately use a pseudo with a gender descriptive name is itself suspicious and reminiscent for sure of “Syrian” girl.

    In the video from the “flat earth holland” YT channel it is also emphasised how Patricia Steere actually present this character as Mark Sergeants daughter which indicates she would also be fluent in english and just play her role and accent.

    Regarding EGI there is not enough imagery to really analyse Croatian Girl in detail, but she clearly appear as a fake truther just like the individuals she’s referenced by. The flat earth movement is in itself bad news as there seems to be mostly gatekeepers who are involved in it on YT and radio. And it stands to reason controlled opposition is done in the interest of the Elite by the Elite – so EGI is seemingly omnipresent.

    As EGI is an intergenerational practice it also then cast suspicion of EGI onto Mark Sergeant – which in light of the FE movement is not in itself surprising but once more indicate how gender inversion runs in the family and that ‘like likes like’.

    If alternative media is indeed a countermovement to the official news-sources and agendas, the Elite logically will need to control and lead all such movements to control the dialogue and overall message. When we consider the energy and investments into the official narrative this by inference reflects how much resources is actually spent on the secretive “alternative thither” communities that we see arise around most topics.

    Controlled opposition is a significant operation with budget and manpower to match the official doctrines – they feed off each other in a world where the media is in constant need of new material. The only reason non-elite amateur researchers resist realising such an obvious truth is because of Conspiracy Fatigue as it is painful to throw out 99% of their ‘new’ alternative heroes as they just got rid of the mainstream role-models.

    (below flat earth ‘girls’ Cami Knodel & Melissa Campanella)

  5. Yes, the feuding in the comments between Lara Mlinaric/Croatian Girl/Vipera Fangs, hristos mandylor and flat earth holland does seem contrived and possibly designed to make her look like an innocent victim of these crude, inversion-accusing bullies with taunts of “Lying Baphomet ManShe Androgen Creature,” “Child of Satan,” etc.

    The part about Mark Sargent being her father is confusing to me. Was this possibly a misunderstanding or was she really being presented as Sargent’s daughter? From her FB, I got the impression that this guy was her father. Without access to the original Patricia Steere interview, it’s difficult to tell what’s going on.

    If Croatian Girl is an MTF, she would appear to be of the Chloe Grace Moretz “growth-stunted” variety. Whereas in the older MTF versions we have lots of tall women with “mannish” features, these newer younger MTF suspects are smaller and reasonably feminine-looking with an uncanny undercurrent of “boyishness” to them. Cara Delevingne and (possibly) Bella Thorne are other examples. Could Christina Ricci be an earlier model who has retained this perpetual adolescent look?

    I first noticed this apparent age and size stunting when looking into a story about the so-called “McDonald’s Goddess” in Taiwan who appears to be part of a network of Asian Instagram models, all of whom look artificially created, freakishly tiny, younger than their age (the above article says she was 22 in 2015) and subtly transpicious in an unusually odd and creepy way. Here are some profiles:

    Anyway, it’s possible that Croatian Girl is merely someone who has a naturally similar undercurrent of boyishness and this is one of the reasons she was chosen to represent the “young flat Earth” scene. I think naturally androgynous-looking people are also being put in the limelight as much as possible to further blur gender lines, even if the androgyny is extremely subtle and only registered on the unconscious mind.

    Oh, and speaking of Moretz, she was in the news recently in the wake of the sexual harassment allegations against Louis C.K. She’s in his new movie project “I Love You, Daddy” and has stated that she will not promote it due to the allegations. This article includes an especially strange-looking photo of Moretz:

    I looked at the film’s trailer and there could be a few EGI references in there:

    The thumbnail shows a smiling Moretz displaying her large, wide shoulders. Her character’s name is “China” which could be a reference to the age and size stunted transpicious models I mentioned (were these new inversion procedures developed in Asia?). At 0:40, we see someone grab her pointy chin which we’ve both identified as likely an implant. At 1:35, C.K. says “She’s like a Disney princess on estrogen” as they reveal her straight-bodied, large-shouldered figure.

    Anyway, I can’t say for sure what’s really going on with any of this. I just know something definitely seems off! Happy New Year!.

  6. The segment with P. Steere where she presents Croatian Girl as Mark Sargeant’s daughter is at 2m25s into the “flat earth holland” screencapture video.

    The gender identity meme and EGI presence is an interesting notion in analysing the Flat Earth movement and how the Elite have tried to manufacture a sort of cultish following mostly through new YT channels and new conspiracy voices.

    I can’t be sure of Croatian Girl from the imagery – but your photo at the end of your post @Terran Downvale is pretty graphic. In a way i see the FE mouvement as interesting by its topic and not so much it’s individuals whom i’ve never attached much credence to. Funny part is that i even investigated Rik Clay as Eric Dubay as a possible double back in in 2015 – so suspicion of these characters being in some way fake quite early.

    The apparent “hamsterwheel” effect is something we often see among the controlled alternative media where infighting help polarise the debate and spread names and material across. In a way, Flat Earth became very quickly a social club with an abundance of various information on hours at end – only they left out the verifiable fact that water always stay level (Flat Sea’er). This is of course why everyone talk about the stars, moon and the sun far away as the answer is pending at our closest access to open water and clear skies. Lol, even Chemtrails help cover the distant horizon quite well.

    You make a very good point in how the Elite seems to have optimised their methods of inverting gender and the new generation effectively seem to often be shorter and more curvy than ever before. There are several medical procedures and techniques that might have helped here, more supervised ART (assisted reproductive technology) births, better use of hormones and more effective plastic surgeries with more fat grafts than before and possibly use of living 3d cell printed tissue. They all still hide their fingers so they might still have some problems left to solve.

    There are still many variations of Elite Gender Inversion and it must be assumed each individual will react differently to hormones and medical interventions. The low bodyfat-prominent-male-bones MTF’s are still present (Delevingne & Thorne) as well as the more petite curvy models who seem more plentiful than before (Moretz, Ricci). The asian exemples are over the top.. Leaves me uncomfortable how artificial these ‘girls’ have been transformed to be. The racial gender dysmorphia also plays in here as asians display less gender differences between sexes.

    As the Elite practice EGI since a long time back, it seems they have always been extremely cautious to be well disguised as both fashion and cultural trends always have served their disguise unbeknownst to the public (list of strategies here). To heavily promote the looks that betray the EGI as fashionable has been a much deployed tactic for a long time and the androgyny look has since some time already been a “thing” in fashion before it now is more mainstream. Culture takes some time to culture.

    Louis CK is another soft-looking celebrity ‘man’ who is stigmatised in favour of the EGI to reinforce the maleness of such a feminine man figure who was certainly born female. The method here is negative publicity in his case of a below average looking feminised male (despite the beard). For better looking men they often play the sexual alpha male card as mentioned in the case of Nicholson, Jagger, Beatty, Cowell etc (Fuckalot’s article).

    “a Disney princess on estrogen” seems pretty spot on regarding Chloe Grace Moretz – the photos linked in relation to the film are just the nail in the coffin for her character – EGI every day of the week. It is curious how her skull appears to have continued to grow which gives her an insanely wide, big male head completely disproportionate to her body-frame that appear all the more medically stunted. Those cheekbones are just not possible in a female face. Her childhood chin-alteration can still be discerned – but seem of little use in her evident case by now of EGI.

    We all might wonder why the Elite are so hung up on gender and the reason to this is because it is an occult part of their culture since its inception and that it differentiate and validate entry into the club of privilege – the EGI. To be better than common men and women is also expressed by factually being anatomically different – meaning better in their eyes as they all incarnate both sexes simultanously – order out of chaos and one world order tearing down the two pillars of gender and replacing it with a single one comprising both.

    (hereunder they even try to counterbalance Moretz vide features with vertical stripes to stretch her face lengthwise – it clearly can’t hide what is obvious by now, she’s born male not female)

  7. UNreal: Your explanation of Moretz’s head growth is helpful. I couldn’t tell WTF was going on there. I find her to be an especially sad case with her own father being a famous Hollywood plastic surgeon who should have foreseen such problems. There is really something strikingly artificial about her look which reminded me of those Asian models where it seems extreme measures have been taken to achieve the desired effect. And with those models, I think the desired effect and intended audience goes without saying.

    Sorry if those links were disturbing. Feel free to remove them from the comment if you want. I think you get the point I was trying to make. These creatures, whatever they gender they are, have the appearance of being created in a lab. If that girl from the VICE article is really 24 years old in her current Instagram photos (the first link, pppig) then I can’t imagine what they must have done to her… or HIM! I do get the impression that most of these “girls” are actually male, which makes it even more confusing and disturbing!

    And it appears they only live to be photographed. Only in the modern “selfie-obsessed” world could such a bizarre thing exist. In the VICE article, the author remarks about how she instantly strikes poses like a trained animal. And I’ve seen this in real life. People taking selfies in the supermarket, mugging and throwing up the V-sign like it’s second nature. I think I may need to take Andre’s advice and head for the hills soon!

  8. A post by Partisangirl as Syriangirl is called now on twitter, seems to approve that s/he is in fact part of a high ranking military family.

    ‏Verified account @Partisangirl
    19h19 hours ago
    My Grandfather General Izzat Susli defeated the French occupation of #Syria. Today, #France has invaded Syria again. Grandpa, we won’t let you down.
    81 replies 674 retweets 1,611 likes

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