Jon and Hans

These guys sound similar but aren’t the same.

I like Jon, but I can’t stand his overuse of the word “like”. While all millenials do this, I’ve never heard such pervasive use and it does take away from his message.

Hans needs to up his investigations to be at least as detailed as Jon’s. His videos are lacking most of the 20+ characteristics of a trans being detailed, making them unconvincing even if he is right.

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EGI Royalty

The Royal Trans Family of Monaco – Elite Gender Inversion – 10:11 first EGI mention

MrE3000 has become one of the foremost EGI researchers on Youtube and he seems to be all the more interested in the wider implications of the prevalence of inverted gender characteristics in the entire class of the Elite. It may be a happenstance he coins his title as ‘Elite Gender Inversion’ as it coincides with our very own definition of the phenomenon. It is nevertheless a welcome coincidence and also a hope for more topical, in-depth and generalized analyses of the top 1% that rules us by deception and… inversion.

princess olga elisabeth toerring princess Marina
Princess Olga of Yugoslavia, Countess Elisabeth Toerring Jettenbach and Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent – 1930’s ( from the EGI forum thread )

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