I’ve decided to make a sub blog out of this topic to

  1. keep it away from the main site
  2. allow easier commenting and posting in blog form

I’m really not too sure about the whole topic, but the fact that it’s being thrust into our faces daily over the past few years, infesting the education system in a tangible way, is enough for me to at least consider all options.

User Unreal has done some very interesting and thorough research on the topic. I am not sure he’s right in all his examples, but I have no doubt real people are experimenting with or being experimented on with powerful sex hormone therapies.

Here’s his forum topic: EGI – Elite gender inversion

Let’s see if we can figure out if this is another massive, in your face deceptions that’s just too big or direct for us to even notice.

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6 years ago
6 years ago

The entire rise of the Social Justice Warriors is fascinating. If you haven’t done any research into the “movement” gamergate I could recommend that. It can be hard to find good sources of compiled info due to the extreme bias of most sources but one specific angle that is interesting is the line of digging into DiGRA and other organizations that fund and pull the strings around SJW subversion of technology computing, programming etc.

They’ve been a cancer on some important things like open source software development. They drag politics into everything it seems.

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