Jeremy James papers on androgyny

Most readers will be familiar with the letters LGBTQ, meaning lesbian, gay, bisexual,
transgender and queer. This acronym is frequently used by the radical homosexual
lobby in Europe and America to designate both the sexual status of their members and
the legitimacy of their cause.
We are addressing, not just homosexuality and gender fluidity, but the ancient pagan
philosophy on which they are based and, as a corollary, the way contemporary
practitioners of this ancient philosophy are using androgyny to undermine Christianity
and Judeo-Christian culture.

Click to access Androgyny,%20Royalty,%20and%20the%20War%20on%20Gender.pdf

Click to access Notable%20MTF%20Androgynes%20with%20Serpentine%20Necks.pdf

Click to access Closet%20Androgynes%20are%20Redefining%20Our%20Insane%20Society.pdf

Click to access The%20Corruption%20of%20Christian%20Worship%20by%20Scheming%20Androgynes.pdf

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The Infectious Myth – Linda Blade on Male Bodies in Women’s Sports

2020-05-26 by Progressive Radio Network

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Linda Blade was a Canadian Track and Field Champion, and NCAA All-American in heptathalon. Following her athletic career she completed a PhD in Kinesiology and has devoted her life since then to developing and implementing training programs for new generations of athletes. She is currently President of Athletics Alberta, in Canada. For a long time she has been concerned with male bodies in female sports, biological males who declare themselves transgender women and then, based on their sex-based biological advantages, consistently win events, leaving all the biological women behind. David and Linda discuss the physical differences in male skeletons, musculature and more, and how women are now fighting a rearguard action to regain the sex-based distinction of their sports category, after mostly men in important organizations like the IOC gave it away.

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