Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Here’s quite the comment:

Not disagreeing about the case but there is something else to consider regarding blacks.
Blacks are the most androgynous high testosterone but also high estrogen race, where even the women are basically males, especially in looks. That is also why black females are universally rated least sexually desirable or rated the least beautiful among all races.
My theory is that this is because the males rape the females a lot and leave them after birth so the women have to fend for themselves a lot. Raping is basically like saying hello in Africa. High estrogen because they are so unhinged and female in spirit, even the males. High testosterone + estrogen = chimping and riots. Agents of chaos.

Asians are the opposite, low testosterone bug-like race, therefore very harmony and consensus driven and no great inventors. Zerg hivemind.

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5 months ago

Yeah a little over the top.

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