POM/Straight on MM/EGI “psyOp”

Now normal POM supporters are miffed at Miles Mathis’ latest attack on EGI research.

“I haven’t read anything on POM or MM in a few weeks but I just checked in to read MM’s tranny paper and, my lord, he’s gone off the rails with arrogance, ego, and closed-mindedness. I’m stunned how blind I was to it.


Straight on Mathis and trannies

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Jon Humanity on Miles Mathis’ Transvestigation Article

Top EGI researcher checks out MM’s critique. 

He says MM has delusions of grandeur, thinking this latest wave of EGI research is because of him. 

He condemns Mr E 3000 for mixing crazy with his transvestigations. 

He praises Apostle Lauralee for inspiring him, despite her attacked persona.

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Kellyanne Conway 

I don’t enjoy all the reptile talk, as it clearly distracts from the important message that long term EGI may not work well after a certain age.
The fact that this person is in the limelight almost every day is definitely a bold move by the elite, if they are in fact EGI.
Clearly, they are proud of their work, or not worry that any significant numbers will catch on to the illusion.

When Kellyanne is up front, who’s going to even notice First (Lady) Trump, or even the Donald itself?

3/29/17 Russianvids:

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The First Minister of Scotland – Nicola or Nicolas? 

Musicians, actors, high government officials – EGI is used in all nexi of power for CONTROL.

There aren’t any bathing suit pictures, but this one is hard to ignore.

Now this story… 

The proximity of these stories implies collusion. 

Here’s the inversion mindfuck part:

Take a moment to consider this,” the magazine says on its website. “Don’t these women look magnificent? Don’t they, whisper it, look like women, rather than women masquerading as men? Try to take a positive out of this sticky photocall: Here are two of the most powerful women in the world, with the confidence to promote their female sovereignty. All power to them.”

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The type of transgender you haven’t heard of 

Lost in between.

In the year 2017, most of us probably think we know what it means to be transgender. We watched as Bruce Jenner transitioned to Caitlyn, “Transparent” swept the Emmy Awards, and a Virginia teen’s case to use the men’s bathrooms at his high school headed to court. Yet, in all that media coverage and conversation, there is a category of transgender person we still never hear about. They are called non-binary. They use different pronouns than the rest o

Source: The type of transgender you haven’t heard of – CBS News

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Project Chaos

Miles Mathis throws down his ruling: EGI is a psyOp, worse than flat earth.

Click to access tran.pdf

Man, it just keeps getting weirder, doesn’t it? I file this one under Flat Earth. Pizzagate is in the same file. The more real hoaxes I uncover, the more fakes one they have to come up with to keep you diverted. Who wants to slog through Hitler’s genealogy when they can look at trannies instead? As with Flat Earth and Pizzagate, I am not going to be pulled into this one. I am just here to tell you (briefly) that Taylor Swift (above, 2nd from left) is not a tranny. Neither are any of her three friends.* I would be willing to prove that by playing doctor with any one of them, or all four together, right now. I will go over them all with a magnifying glass and a finetooth comb and report back to you.

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Stars Who Are Aging Horribly 

Plastic surgery, alcohol and drug abuse, old age have all been blamed for beautiful celebutards turning into monsters. 

This series of pictures has many examples of previous transvestigations. 

Perhaps adding EGI inversions that stopped aggressive maintenance as an excuse for these slides to ugliness is required.  


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