Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

I’m uncertain about the whole notion of genes and chromosomes. Is it also part of a grand science deception? Are there really X and Y chromosomes, if chromosomes do actually exist in some physical form?

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7 years ago

Thought provoking video. I do adhere to the idea that many forms of transgenderisation are possible and even practiced.

I’m not convinced the Elite is 50 years ahead, not that genetics is as easily manipulated as John Humanity (JH) claim. Nor convinced that the genes are as ‘real’ we are told in sizes and variations no-one can objectively observe. Also, i’d like to supporting evidence for JH claims about artificial wombs – not sure if such technology exists nor if it presents any advantage over using a human surrogate*.

However hormones are not genes and i believe they do have the possibility to use HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) and supplements/nutrition even during pregnancy (hormones can be taken in pill and patch forms). John Money** stated already in the late 1950’s that genitalia can reverse and take the opposite sex even after birth with HRT and social conditioning .

Even if these types of methods are possible today and even yesterday we still have to consider the fact that transgenderisation in infancy has been practiced longer than alleopathic medicine so there is definitely a more occult, faith-based reason than purely science behind what we see today.

*human surrogates would in theory be cheaper and yield better results – however i’m open for artificial childbearing would be a much desired technology that is heavily researched and that could be available soon or already done in test conditions. Not convinced there are already hives of such human incubators already in action like in any “Matrix” movie


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