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Wouldn’t surprise me if the world’s most famous singer today is a castrato.

How often do you see females with cleft chins?

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7 years ago

Adele does not necessarily need to have had her genitals mutilated to have the voice she has. In fact voice change happens in the late stage of puberty and after genitals develop. In addition, Adele do have quite a deep voice as do Miley Cyrus and many other female vocalists. They would not have this characteristics if they were prevented from puberty altogether.

The most probable cause of the Elite Gender Inverted individuals particular voice would be a very shrewd use of hormones where they monitor puberty closely and administer adrenaline blockers at specific stages and even might use hormones locally to see growth appear according to their protocol. I do not believe the Elite have genital mutilation on their own agenda but like to sell it to the public that they now overtly encourage to undergo mutilation to an escalating degree – sex-reassignment surgeries included.

The “Castrato” as a phenomenon is in my view propaganda for the public as it coincides with better sourced hormones in the renaissance and the poor “boys” might in fact have been selected girls transgendered (FTM) and sexualized according to the Elites EGI practices, ambitions and desires…

There has always been a disinformation campaign at hand and to believe that the Elite would castrate members of their own class is to take the mass media propaganda at face value. If they tell us they castrate stars, it is probably not the case. Especially if they can obtain the same results covertly with chemicals and hormones unbeknownst to the public.

The fear, disgust and disbelief created by the Castrato can be witnessed even today as researchers throw around the term voluntarily without even questioning the sources nor the evident fear-propaganda such narratives provoke. Fear is the the most efficient tool of of mind-control – and castratos are scary in the minds of men…

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