Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

First lady madness started on day 1.

More EGI thoughts :

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7 years ago

Pot Future makes important points in his video. EGI goes way back in time, and as we can see from the video, even paintings do tell a story it is hard to deny.

If we factor in that the artists back in the day equally were part of the Elite and well educated in human anatomy, we need to look at older painting with renewed skepticism as male and female features are even easier to manipulate with on a canvas than on film and photo.

One of MrE3000 early videos did analyze the history of American 1st ladies – a good reminder of long history of EGI – or at least the quantity of suspect individuals.

Regarding Iron Fist there are actually many images and shots that prominently exposing digit-rates – and they most probably are digitally mastered…

*MrE3000 – All First Ladies Have Been Trannies – 23:27 mm:ss

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