Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Miles Mathis throws down his ruling: EGI is a psyOp, worse than flat earth.

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Man, it just keeps getting weirder, doesn’t it? I file this one under Flat Earth. Pizzagate is in the same file. The more real hoaxes I uncover, the more fakes one they have to come up with to keep you diverted. Who wants to slog through Hitler’s genealogy when they can look at trannies instead? As with Flat Earth and Pizzagate, I am not going to be pulled into this one. I am just here to tell you (briefly) that Taylor Swift (above, 2nd from left) is not a tranny. Neither are any of her three friends.* I would be willing to prove that by playing doctor with any one of them, or all four together, right now. I will go over them all with a magnifying glass and a finetooth comb and report back to you.

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Terran Downvale
7 years ago

Well, I don’t trust the leading YouTube transvestigators and I don’t trust Miles Mathis either. I haven’t watched Jon Humanity’s rebuttal of this paper so I dunno if he brings up any of the things I’m about to mention. But Mathis’ claim that certain EGI claims are a reaction to his work is quite lame and easily dismissable low-hanging fruit. I agree with some things Mathis says here but he totally goes off the rails at the end with his analysis of the Swift/Haim photo.

First, here’s the full shot that explains the height differences:

Here’s a shot of the Haim sisters for comparison:

We can see in the Swift pic that the shortest one is on the left. She is standing nearly straight up and still appears slightly shorter than the other two. The one on the right is the second shortest and is bending her body, making her appear shorter than she is. The tallest one in the middle is clearly leaning on the railing with her feet out, making her appear roughly the same height.

If you look at the other photo of the Haim sisters, you can see that their mouths do look similar enough, especially when making the same expression. The idea that all three of them happen to be making the same expression in the Swift photo is not very unusual. This is something the selfie crowd does on a regular basis. They are sisters in a band who spend all their time together posing for photo shoots, after all. The expression they’re making distorts their faces enough that you can’t quite see the differences in jaw shapes, but you can still make them out if you look close enough. The shortest one has the strongest jaw and chin, the second shortest has the next strongest and the tallest one has the weakest.

Here’s a shot supposedly from the same day, showing the same sunglasses and bathing suits:

Will Mathis claim these are all the same girl as well? Here they are again with clothes over their swimsuits:

We see the shortest one with the mirrored sunglasses and the striped bikini strap sticking out the top or her shirt, the tallest one with the dark cat-eye sunglasses and the middle one with the black bikini strap.

The stuff about the necklace, bracelets and fingernail polish is hogwash as well. Swift borrowed the other girl’s belly button? Did she borrow it here, too?

Mathis seems to be playing the role of a paranoid egomaniac who disagrees with the reckless transvestigators. A “normal person” will look at all of this and come to the natural conclusion that they’re all nuts and run back into the comforting arms of the media manipulators. Project Chaos, indeed.

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