Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Not much transvestigating of this elite athlete.

I only bring this up because he’s @humhow’s hero and he mentioned it on today’s show.

I believe that many top athletes are engineering projects. Is Tiger Tiger burning bright for this reason (recently burned out)?

Mike Tyson? He had a similar sexual scandal to make it clear that he was a man.


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7 years ago

I have been with your site for years and studied many aspects of the death cult that “appears” to have dominion. And it does appear in many forms and through many words. My journey into life goes back many years to the time as a child moving away from a wholesome farm life into the city, from life to death; is how I see it today. Now ten years or so back onto a living acreage with a wonderful grandchild to raise in my late years of life out of the system it is amazing what a person can reflect on and unlearn. Something, that I would now use the English word to call ‘my spirit’, always had an aversion to the screen scene, although I loved cowboy type screens as I missed my horses deeply. I do have movies I watch on occasion in the cold winter months and here’s where something Astounded Me. Old comedy and variety shows. 1968-1971
The Carol Burnett Show, The Lost Episodes: Show 108; 422; 107
The cover images and info insert by Time Life Studio 33 And as a bonus (bone us) she states she was asked if she was transgendered. She gives no reply to the question. The long list of her co-STARS and her list of her affiliations is stunning, and a walk through visual of the studio along with her neighbours on set at the time is given, Sonny and Cher et al. It appears as this Death cult is being revealed alongside are investigators revealing an opposing revelation in accord with Life, according to the light of their values. Very interesting indeed, as we shine our penetrating light onto the screens of Death and filter them with our natural inborn screen of life. In seeing the contamination of the images the Death cult many grave markers are revealed. It’s time now for many more to come back to life and discard the grave clothes that have been put on us. It’s a joyous time to be alive, lets take back the land of the living! They are laughing, in their perverted terms to BONE US. What is the intent and how will it manifest? We need to reflect and be mindful of what may be in store.

Reply to  fakeologist
7 years ago

Absolutely. The images of her, her quests, Studio 33 and the content of the shows in these so called “Lost Episodes” would make anyone with insight cringe. I have perused the current investigators sites and I too thought her old variety/comedy shows would be a fun thing to do. I was deeply disappointed at what I saw throughout the entire cd and left sickened at the depth of the deception. It was not easy to recover from and yet at times bothers me. That is one example of how one can be affected. Another peel of the onion I suppose.

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