Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Is this the ultimate EGI point?

I found the talk interesting, and often inspirational. but two women I showed the talk couldn’t watch it.

I realise there are many “in between” androgynous people out there that don’t want to conform. As fakeologists, we don’t conform either – so I have empathy.

Most of us don’t want to be prejudged for any physical reason. I get that. Most of us don’t want any constraints on our desires and goals. Is promoting androgyny worthwhile? I need time to think about this, and will use this forum to hash it out. It’s complicated.

Worth a watch.

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6 years ago

This video featuring Rain Dove ‘New York’s Androgynous Supermodel’ very well illustrate how there really is a deceptive gender agenda with EGI as its hidden issue.

Many Fakeologists ridicules the topic of EGI that we discuss and research on this blog and forum but with all the Elite examples of apparent gender bending we have today – it begins to be hard even for the naysayers and critical minds to deny the existence of Elite Gender Inversion and that we clearly are in need for much more alternative research to well understand this agenda.

The constant EGI bashing and denial met in alternative communities is clearly a very poor attempt to understand what individuals like Rain Dove “the gender capitalist” really is about and what the hidden agenda at play might be.

No way RD* was born female. Good luck understanding how this person was altered to incarnate the fiction presented on this TED talk for all those who seemingly refuse to familiarise themselves with EGI even refuting the existence of the very concept of Elite Gender Inversion.

Unfortunately Rain Dove is very real and very soon will come to a school or institution very close to you, your children or family in the form of laws, curriculum, experts, teachers and “health” advisers. Not to mention that this agenda has been on the cover of magazines for decades to prepare us all, just like “Die Hard” helped us swallow the lies of the WTC towering inferno. Dialling 911 might not help, but supporting EGI research sure will.

*RD aka Rain Dove or more probably ‘R&D’ as in Research and Development

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