Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Everything is upside down and reverse of normalcy with these entertainers; and it’s an all out effort to turn our world upside down to force us to accept this! Through seduction.

Source: Diana Ross: “I’m Coming Out …and I Want Muscles!” | The Transvestigator

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6 years ago

Great observation (!), Diana Ross sure has a lot song titles who clearly make more sense when seen in the light of the Elite’s taste for EGI…

What is funny in the video is how when Michael Jackson take the microphone at the end, his voice is even higher strung than Diana’s voice…

Also, it does look like Diana Ross use some pretty voluminous padding around her waist/hips… It still intrigues me how come so many MTF can stay so skinny despite it seems whatever they eat or exercice.

Another title that could be EGI pun-material in Diana Ross’s catalogue could be “Work that body”
(or even her cover of “The lady Is a Tramp” with The Supremes)

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