Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

I admit I watched the Gene Simmonds show Family Jewels. 

With EGI, I now wonder what I was looking at. 

Could it be just excessive plastic surgery, or something else? 

Shannon Tweed used to look more like a female. This latest picture doesn’t help the cause.

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6 years ago

Shannon Tweed is indeed suspicious, not only from her own appearence but also as her man is none other than the famed Kiss frontman Gene Simmons (aka Gene Klein, or Chaim Witz when he was born in Haifa, Israel).

Gene Simmons (or Semens?) with his giant tongue always was rumored to be a very prominent womanizer and thus was part of twelve suspect individuals in the dirty dozen of “Fuckalot’s” that were featured in an earlier article here on the EGI blog..

EGI blog post

EGI forum thread entry

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