Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

I’m still trying to figure out what’s wrong with this woman’s voice.

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6 years ago

Michelle “X” is probably making her story up as she goes being recently a Marketing director of a “large company” before now starting her own company… Sounds as bad as her voice.

While MX’s gender-identity is not very controversial, the focus on her own person nevertheless makes us wonder, as does her gender-pun name with the female X in our faces.

Normally a cisgender person would not see anything to prove regarding their gender-identity – it would be natural and really worth mentionning. After all, she’s not the subject, or rather she shouldn’t be.

But she does put herself in such a position as to be central to the material she presents, which makes it hard to ignore that the very behaviour she displays is very typical of the EGI as they take pleasure in putting on an advanced act to deceive us.

If we look at Michelle X most feminine features, it would be her small nose, average mouth, fleshy face & BFP, voluminous chest and high pitched voice. Most of these features can be influenced by hormones and some possible to alter with plastic surgery – including the voice (example here)

What is not so feminine with Michelle X is the fact she appears to have surgically enhanced breasts, heavy make-up, significant male type cheekbones, male sized teeth and dental arch, huge head proportionally to her body, deep set eyes and an uncanny habit of never showing her digit ratio in her videos.

All in all not a very clear case for Michelle X of being either definitely cis-female nor EGI. The breaking voice does however make it clear she makes efforts to produce her squealing sounds which combined with nonsensical claims about her “genuine” life makes it more likely she’s merely acting her role as a YT truther just as the majority of these channels are.

The logic would then be that the pleasure MX displays on screen from her false life must come from deception and in that case she would probably get a bigger kick out of successfully portraying a female as part of the act which would add to the deceptive dupers delight she/he feel entitled to. So, logically she’s no cis-gender but visually it is hard to tell. In both cases – we don’t need her to prove occult transgender celebrities exist nor EGI.

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