Jeremy James papers on androgyny

Most readers will be familiar with the letters LGBTQ, meaning lesbian, gay, bisexual,
transgender and queer. This acronym is frequently used by the radical homosexual
lobby in Europe and America to designate both the sexual status of their members and
the legitimacy of their cause.
We are addressing, not just homosexuality and gender fluidity, but the ancient pagan
philosophy on which they are based and, as a corollary, the way contemporary
practitioners of this ancient philosophy are using androgyny to undermine Christianity
and Judeo-Christian culture.

Click to access Androgyny,%20Royalty,%20and%20the%20War%20on%20Gender.pdf

Click to access Notable%20MTF%20Androgynes%20with%20Serpentine%20Necks.pdf

Click to access Closet%20Androgynes%20are%20Redefining%20Our%20Insane%20Society.pdf

Click to access The%20Corruption%20of%20Christian%20Worship%20by%20Scheming%20Androgynes.pdf

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