Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

I’ve always been a huge fan of Alanis. I post this likely fake story more because I’ve always thought Alanis had very male looking features. She even has a fraternal (male) twin. 

Perhaps a transinvestigstion is in order. 

The former business manager for Alanis Morissette admitted embezzling more than $7 million from the singer and other celebrities and agreed to plead guilty to federal charges, prosecutors said Wednesday.

Is the purpose of this story to kick start her catalog, since she hasn’t had a new album in years? I doubt she has any say in her public persona life. 

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7 years ago

Perhaps a transinvestigstion is in order.

Transvestigation, rather, Ab? Surely, the Surfer doesn’t have a trademark to the term?

Congrats to the new site. Have at it, you said? What about the entire CNN crew:

Reply to  fakeologist
7 years ago

Absolutely. So why not use it instead of transINvestigation?

(BTW Saw you already picked up the CNN clip in another post. Sorry about that. I just got transported to this site)

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