Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Born with XX and hormoned up into males doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Is this just to make dependent on the state drones? 

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7 years ago

Hormones seem like a better proven technique than genes.

To believe in the ultimate sophistication of modern medicine is very deceptive and lead astray just as the multiverse make Aliens seem a credible occurrence.

The same group of people who gave us the nuclear science and bombs are the same who pretend we are very advanced in genetics. We might not be. Scientists claim 98% of DNA to be junk, so we must be very skeptic about what they actually know and what they really can alter. How can scientist first pretend to dissect, analyse and understand the human genome and then later claim that genetic information actually comes from outside the cell (epigenetics)?

When we consider Elite Gender Inversion (EGI) it is important not to forget that transgenderisation is an ancient phenomena practiced inter-generationally before the advent of allopathic modern medicine. We need to integrate the history and traditions of transgenderisation to understand what seem to be an ancient practice.

7 years ago

I think, like I said in the mail. Genes is scientific predestination. The same as Calvin proposed, but then for Atheist and Eugenicist.

Everyone has under the right circumstances, the opportunity to become whatever they want. The IQ test and all those methods to test favourable genes are bullshit. And also the tendency to have certain diseases is also some sort of fear-mongering,

When we are born, we are pretty much a blank slate. With a lot of possibilities. That’s why there is so much programming involved from day one. They have baby television, that says enough.

The book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell just tells you plainly why those ‘special’ people succeed. The book does that with a lot of icing to make people like Bill Gates look positive, but still it’s quite honest.

Reply to  narrator
7 years ago

Good points.

I’m not entirely sure the nature/nurture dialectic is as straightforward as we do transmit something from generation to generation and children do often look like their parents. Something is transmitted and something is engineered. To me it seem the Elite like to have it both ways themselves and let us argue/believe the one or the other.

The author of the book you reference (which i haven’t read) do look suspect of EGI himself. He might still be honest of course, but also exemplify and promote fellow Elite inverted individuals. If i understand the resumé of the book right – this doesn’t look good for Canadian hockey players…

Wayne Great-She comes to mind:

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