Add Cindy Crawford to the pile 

Bruce Jender, Julia Roberts, Brooke Shields – these things all look the same as the years go by. 

Who are the doctors that do the work? Don’t they take an oath to do no harm? 

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One thought on “Add Cindy Crawford to the pile ”

  1. There seem to be repeated instances where celebrities make a jokey reference to their own transgendered condition at some point during their career (as with the infamous Megan Fox and Jessica Alba “I’m a man” jests).

    Cindy-fella has her own example of this here:

    “I was castrated on the cover.” “You were castrated!” “It’s not like people are going to think it’s weird if it doesn’t have a dude’s parts.”

    (I’d agree with UNreal’s comments on the castrato issue here – that the same results may possibly be achieved covertly using techniques and treatments we may not yet be aware of:

    Looking back, they’ve been sharing the truth about this quite openly with us for some time. Will post some more examples when I get a chance.

    Thanks to you all for pursuing the stomach-turning truth on this in the face of our understandable disbelief and substantial cognitive dissonance! It took me two years to return to the topic. I thought it was laughably ridiculous when I first came across it. Like a lot else.

    It takes time… and we’re in a very long game.

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