Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Wayne is a natural treasure. 

He’s always been soft spoken, humble, charitable. He’s always been protected by the big men on his trams as a player. 

Is he an EGI project of the elites? 

I don’t want to believe it bit I also cannot ignore the possibility. 

His wife and her look always bothered me. 

Is EGI the reason? 

Humble brought it up early in today’s show, but laughed it off. Listen at 18:33 

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7 years ago

Wayne has the Zayin (7) as well in his last name GretZky and he take pride in publicly smoking cigars as mentioned in the forum.

JS did a god job exposing Gretzky except him spelling the name without the Z. Gretzky’s wife is actress Janet Jones and she definitely has the typical old EGI actress look often seen in Celebrities (Elle McPherson, Julia Roberts, etc)

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