Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Injecting EGI into the mainstream. First it’s ridiculed… 

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7 years ago

Ab, you are “outed” !

9/11 – yes
EGI  – no

What is to be expected is that no arguments are really discussed on a factual standpoint, only appeal to ridicule is used as rhetoric. It is easy to see how Junglesurfer’s far out David/Diana theory helps to push EGI over the edge of no discussion. If we add in poor language and discriminatory viewpoints, any EGI opponent is served with the ammunition needed to shoot down our EGI arguments any time.

The sad part here might be that all media personalities are at least EGI aware or possibly even EGI themselves, Humble & Fred included…

(no brows, no Adam’s apples, sloping shoulders)

7 years ago

Agree, neither Humble nor Fred are investigated in any way regarding EGI, so my post might have implied they were implicated directly which is not how I should have expressed my opinion.

What i wanted to emphasize is that the position Fred & Humble are in as veteran radio hosts and media personalities makes it impossible for them (objectively in how i see the world) to be unaware of EGI.

If we look up in the media food chain or into the entertainment business they cosy up with, there is EGI. For sure. So i just didn’t like how they tried to be obnoxious towards your honest efforts to connect to them. Not Nice.

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