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Courtesy of Jon Humanity.

Here’s a pretty exhaustive list
I showed real women in a transvestigation and I showed that a real woman doesn’t have to have every single trait. It is based upon having the majority of male traits. The MAJORITY. Not just 3 – 5 main main things. There are literally 10 – 15 traits to look for:

-Squared jaw from side, jaw being wide from front
-Brow bossing / Set-back eyes
-Sloping back forehead
-High, wide cheekbones
-Large vs. Small ears
-Width of the eyes
-Having a widow’s peak
-Adam’s apple
-Shoulder SHAPE + Proportion, because these are done prepubescent so they don’t get the full wide shoulders, but they are SQUARE
-Ribcage size
-Shoulder to hip ratio
-Hip indentation in comparison to navel
-Hip proportion to shoulder
-Fat distribution at the thighs
-Straight up and down body contour
-Proportion of hip to thigh
-Size of feet

-Q Angle (Angle at pelvis that femur bone runs to knee joint – greater for female since female pelvis is bigger and stronger) (added by Fakeologist)

-women have 2 apex points in the spine to bend, men have one just above the buttocks

Finally, men and women move differently. That’s the ULTIMATE tell. Really. It’s undeniable when you watch a real woman vs. a real man. This is why we have recognition software available.
Hip to knee*

It started 400AD and the very last publicly-lauded castrato died in 1922
That these castrated men were the elite of the elite of their time periods
And that this was being done in total secrecy – only the elite of the elite were castrating in prepubescence and their method is still unknown
And it wasn’t available to the general public
And that there’s over 20 different gender markers
And that it’s all based on how many of each is covered
And it’s an important topic BECAUSE this is knowledge that is not just readily available
And that transgendered women and women with AIS have both commented that this is 100% true and they knew this before ever watching a transvestigation

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