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I have been surprised at how quickly many seemingly intelligent conspiracy researching people reject this crypto trans agenda without conducting any real depth of research on the topic or just claim it is something made up just to distract the conspiracy researchers. I expected more from people that are awake. I expected that they would be smart enough to know they don’t know it all, and that the conspirators can always be one step ahead of you with their tricks (Scooby Doo mask uncovers). I don’t agree that just because something is on a shill site that it is to be ignored, because part of the trick is to put truth on a shill site to confuse.

I invested a good amount of time investigating the claims that the majority of the “elite” are transsexuals (which includes MTF & FTM, with the latter much harder to spot by the untrained eye). I was interested in this subject because I had always tried to sculpt my body to look like a female celebrity (slim, long, lean), but despite intense low carb diet and consistent daily exercise, I came close but not exact. I couldn’t look like them because I was not competing with females (my ‘problem’ area was the area of the body where females store the most fat, the hips/thighs), which most of these ‘female’ celebrity’s don’t have…because they are transgendered boys.
I used to watch beauty pageant’s and notice the large toothy smile and think it was interesting that most of these women had these huge mouths with big toothy smiles which I rarely saw in the women I saw in everyday life. When you look closely at the ‘average’ type of ‘woman’ who is famous, you start to see a pattern of clues that the majority of these ‘women’ are crypto transgenders. Every female in the movies, tv, or supermodels are suspect. It is easier to spot the famous females as (MTF) crypto transgenders, but female to male (FTM) transgenders are getting exposed daily too, one at a time.

Why are woman confused? Because women are listening to transsexuals to tell them how to be women?!? Because women are subconsciously held to a standard of beauty that is impossible to obtain, because the standard of beauty in Hollywood for a woman is a transsexual.
Effect: Men are lusting after transsexuals and women want to be like the transsexuals.
Effect: Confusion of male & female identity.
Effect: Disharmony between males & females, unrealistic expectations.
Effect: Subconsciously promoting gayness, and ultimately population control.

These “elite” are not being outed based on flimsy opinions. They are being outed on people who understand the identifying bone structure of a man & woman, and how they are presenting themselves does not align with their skeletal structure. This is not just about plastic surgery, and in fact all the elite’s plastic surgery is not simply to obtain the fountain of youth, but also to hide their true sex features & poor aging from years of hormonal treatments.

Note that no single physical feature is a 100% full proof telltale sign that someone is a transgender. You need to look at as many features as possible to corroborate.
It is based upon having the majority of the opposite sex traits you are presenting yourself as. The MAJORITY. Not just 3 – 5 main main things. There are literally 10 – 15 traits to look for:
-Squared jaw from side, jaw being wide from front
-Brow bossing / Set-back eyes
-Sloping back forehead
-High, wide cheekbones
-Large vs. Small ears
-Width of the eyes
-Having a widow’s peak
-Adam’s apple
-Shoulder SHAPE + Proportion, because these are done prepubescent so they don’t get the full wide shoulders, but they are SQUARE
-Ribcage size
-Shoulder to hip ratio
-Hip indentation in comparison to navel
-Hip proportion to shoulder
-Fat distribution at the thighs
-Straight up and down body contour
-Proportion of hip to thigh
-Size of feet
– Finally, men and women move differently. That’s the ULTIMATE tell. Really. It’s undeniable when you watch a real woman vs. a real man. This is why we have recognition software available.

Plastic surgery is utilized to promote the deception: chin implants to give the appearance of a wider or more narrow chin, jaw surgery, shaving down or constructing a brow ridge, shaving down or implanting an adam’s apple, breast implants, construction of a more vertical forehead to appear more like a female skull, hip & buttocks implants, liposuction from one body area and grafting it into the hips or buttocks to give a more feminine appearance, & rib removal to give the appearance of a female type waist.

Hormonal: For MTF the testosterone and estrogen blockers make quite the disguise, the whole face changes and the longer they are one it the more masculine they look. Note the altering of hormones such as taking testosterone promotes an adams apple, and if testosterone treatment ceases the adams apple recedes.

Aging: The masculine traits strengthen with age. That’s why they can fool us when they’re young, but progressively it becomes more evident that they are men. This in part is why ‘women’ don’t get work as they age in Hollywood, all that estrogen they pump into their bodies doesn’t promote youthful aging.

Many of these crypto transgenders may be vocal “castratos”

Here are more detailed notes I took on the differences between men & women, which is interesting as although some of it is common sense, it is interesting how little the majority of people understand about the differences (e.g., who really knows that woman have flat foreheads while men have sloping foreheads, and that men & women’s belly button placement is different).

Differences between male and female bone structure size of the: head, jaw, brow ridge, forehead (slanted or straight), cheekbones, finger length (length of ring & index finger), feet, hips, neck, adam’s apple, shoulders width, shoulders in proportion to hips.

Male shoulder width is 3 heads, while female is less than 3 heads wide. Male shoulders wider than waist, while females have hips as wide as shoulders. Male hand is 2/3 the size of one head, female hand is smaller. Males generally have longer ring finger digits, while women generally have longer index fingers (or equal length). Males have a line across crotch splits figure in half. Females have angle from hip to knee sharper than a mans. Male feet are cubic & conic shaped, female feet are smaller. Females have a smaller ribcage. Females have shorter collarbones, so they don’t have the broad square shoulders men have. Male skull is bigger & wider, female is smaller & more narrow. Men have more square jaws in general, while females have oval shaped jaws. Men have a more prominent brow ridge above the eyes, somewhat of a bump. Men have a long straight jaw line, higher cheekbones, & receding forehead. Men have larger mouths, with more exposed bigger teeth during a wide spread smile. Women have widows peak.

Male Skull: square chin, prominent wide high cheekbones, jaw is more angular – sharper – square – right angled, forehead that slopes back (has a slight angle to it), bony ridge that runs along the brow region (protruding lumpy browridge)

Female skull: more pointed chin, less prominent cheekbones, jaw line will appear softer and more rounded with a wider angle – sloping back with a curve– jaw can be wider than cheekbones, the forehead will be flatter and more vertical with a much less pronounced or nonexistent brow ridge, forehead is more straight & less angled – straight up and down – it gracefully curves up and back in one smooth arch to the rear

Female Skeletal Features: shoulders more narrow and slightly sloping, wider hips, waist that is higher than a male, natural waist indentation points about an inch or two above the belly button, belly button far below waist, higher spinal arch, ribcage is closer to hipline

Male Skeletal Features: wider and more square shoulders, should be able to fit 3 head widths across the shoulders, shoulders wider than the hips, male waist sits naturally lower than the females with consequently male indentation points below the belly button, high belly button – above hipbones and just a little below his waist – extremely close to his waistline – as soon as a man’s hip bones end we will see his belly button, spinal arch that is lower than a female which is closer to the buttocks. The angle formed where the femur connects to the hip is called the Q angle – the woman will have more of a Q angle than a man.

Hips: The skeletal structure of the men and women are different. Females have wider hips and the narrowest part of the waist occurs above the belly button. Men have hips, but come to an end well below the belly button and an indent in the sides that a woman just doesn’t have. Again, females have wider hips.

Muscle mass and strength…While individual muscle fibers have similar strength between males & females, males have more fibers as a result of their greater total muscle mass. Males remain stronger than females, when adjusting for differences in total body mass, due to the higher male muscle-mass to body-mass ratio.

Recommended sites. Youtube: Jon Humanity, Rebooting Christianity, Apostle Laura Lee (see playlist).

I am inspired by Laura Lee’s words: “We women are going to expose that these are men.”

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Justsayin Dude
Justsayin Dude
6 years ago

Excellent summation I thought

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