Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

Some of the best transgender insights anywhere. 

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6 years ago

I’m not a regular follower of Paul Romano and his YT channel, so i find the videos referenced in this post interesting but unfortunately misleading in regards to the Elites practice of gender inversion. However, his criticism is quite conform to the official (often religious) resistance to what the current gender rights movement is trying to accomplish – but he does not make that distinction clear. Bad stuff.

Watching these videos show how Bruce Jenner and other late-to-the-game transgender scape-goats are used to force hasty generalisations and induce logical error in equating transgenderism among the Elite to what is being encouraged in the population – free choice, even ‘fun’. To the Elite of course, there is no ‘free choice’ involved when they transgender their children intergenerationally since long before any modern LGBTQ movement was in the making.

Unfortunately POF (pocketsofthefuture) thus makes a very superficial analysis of the Elites tradition of transgenderism by using a bad example (Jenner) and leaving out any insight to where the EGI originate and to what purpose it is practiced in an occult manner. None of the arguments presented in these videos can in any way explain why celebrities commonly live their luxurious lives in fully transgendered families whithout any apparent extravagant demeanour without seemingly any mental illness present in most cases.

In the general public sense – sure – Romanov’s arguments make sense, but this is the the window-dressing only of a much deeper phenomena we have spent time dissecting on this site – EGI. To the common sheeple they have them transgender late in life and out of very different reasons than the Elite. The public is also deceptively encouraged to undergo diverse reassignment interventions and even flip back and forth between gender ‘identities’ – something we know is not the case for the majority of EGI individuals, other than in the very artificial cases of Jenner, Manning, Chaz Bono etc.

POF brushes everything transgender with the same brush and fail to provide better understanding of the occult Elite practice for those who genuinly wonder why oh why.. This could of course be a lack of understanding, but also deception by omission.

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