Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

Jon, a leading ball earth skeptic and well spoken youtuber, on the transgender agenda. 

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6 years ago

Good introduction to Transvestigation and indirectly EGI.

I do not follow “Jon The Morgile” on a regular basis so i’m unfamiliar with his presentation-style on his YouTube channel so my initial impression was that he was kind of spontaneous and somewhat clumsy in his interviews.

The narrative in the video seem like a written piece read out loud by “The Morgile” and even could come across as a text he was not as familiar with as to having written it himself. Am i mistaken on how Morgile comes across in the video and usually present his material ?

6 years ago

Yes it could be possible he did all this research himself of course. But does he often read texts on his show or is this unusual ?

And for general info, does he often publish such long, well written articles ?

I’ve looked into EGI for quite some time, and all while The Morgile might have better intellectual skills than most, it would have been impossible for me at least to gain such insight on EGI in such a short time-period (1month). Seems impossible he discovered Transvestigations just last month based on the content and insight he present.

The reason i’m curious is that Hans Wormhat just published a video on suspicion of EGI among the Flat Earth community, and that this video somehow seemed like a coordinated effort. And i’m not very familiar with the Morgile other that i’ve heard hime as a co-host on Globebuster, and here on Fakeologist radio.

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