Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Never gonna give you up…woman!

Introducing another interesting youtuber transvestigator.

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6 years ago

Good video despite no commentary, only text. Found the below statement from C. Riga Shire in the video quite pertinent:

“You can repeat to yourself “This is not real, it can’t be”. But this is forensics. If i’m wrong for suggesting that Rick Astley could be a woman – all at anomy books are wrong about the differences between male and female bodies.”

A funny element to the Rick Astley transvestigation is that Jack Passion who previously was a ‘professional beardsman’ left a link to Rick Astley’s video “Never Gonna Give You Up” to describe how he looked without his ‘Big Red’ beard !

6 years ago

Agree, and they sometimes saves us time by saying so themselves:

Reply to  UNreal
6 years ago

Btw: Oleta Adams who performs the song “Circle of One” is not someone i’ve looked into in detail and despite her deep voice she comes across as a cis-gender female (narrow shoulders, female neck, curved forehead, no brow ridge and feminine nose).

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