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The media is so in your face. I know it’s summer and people are enjoying life in the area closest to the center pole, but making up silly stories to back up myths is irritating.

I know Unreal has mentioned Celine being an EGI project, so I’ll post this placeholder for him to lay out his material.

Remember, I am not really interested in EGI – the culture creators by way of their media have pushed it on us, so I am pushing back with this blog. Thanks to Unreal and a few others, I think we’ve done a good job raising awareness of the possibility that we’re all being played.


Céline Dion, Canada’s sweetheart and singer of the greatest song ever sung (“My Heart will Go On,” duh) has been having a lot of well-deserved fun in the aftermath of the tragic deaths of her husband and brother, only days apart last year.

Here’s a passage that will be amusing to transvestigators. Who knows if this “columnist” is even trans aware.

Another remarkable thing about Dion’s posing in the buff? Her nudity isn’t linked to the promotion of a cause — animal rights for example — nor is she coming out to reveal a long-hidden identity.

Don’t get me wrong: it was extremely brave of Caitlyn Jenner to come out on the cover of Vanity Fair in 2015, wearing nothing but a white negligee. And the overwhelming consensus among non-bigots, even in youth-obsessed Hollywood, was that she looked fantastic.

Source: Céline Dion posed nude and, refreshingly, there was nothing ‘inspirational’ about it: Teitel | Toronto Star

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6 years ago

Celine Dion is highly suspect of being part of the gender inverted Elite – and her powerful could draw the remarkable power from a male trachea and the high voice from her/his hormone treatment. She might be what some would call a modern day ‘castrato’ albeit i’m of the opinion the famous young Opera singers of the past might have rather been females on testosterone.

I’ve not researched Dion just yet so this information is quite revealing – the size of her stands out as she very clearly have male size hands covering more than 3/4 of her face – in fact her hands would entirely cover the face and even touch her hairline.

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