Restless Male Creature

Wendy Whelan in her final 33rd year at the NYCB (1981-2014)

Ballet is undeniably upper class since its inception as a Royal art in the 1600s. Todays ballet has incorporated many modern variations – most notably in the United States by George Balanchine who developed neoclassical ballet. Wendy Whelan was supposedly “created” for Balanchine ballet as she lead the New York City Ballet for more than three decades dancing a repertoire of more than 50 ballets.

Wendy began her dance training with Virginia Wooton (VW) at the tender age of 3 in Louisville and later joined the official school of New York City Ballet (SAB) at the age of 14. A spine injury (scoliosis) made the young ‘lady’ obliged to wear a heavy plaster cast for quite a while – most possibly an astute explanation for advanced manipulation of her actual male type back and pelvis in order to comply with her future role as the principal female (!) dancer at the NYCB.

After 33 years with the New York City Ballet, Wendy Whelan left in the stage in 2014 all while she had already begun a new nationally adventure in 2012 called “Restless Creature” where Wendy Whelan dance duets with the choreographers of each part of her ballet performance. The homonymous “Restless Creature” documentary film seem to be the foundation Whelan’s legend will be built from as a role-model female who vanquished her serious physical deformity and earned her way to the top through hard work.

There are 33 known degrees in freemasonry that is supposed to lead to the title of Master Mason or MM and rotated 90° clockwise the MM’s becomes 33. The same is the case with Wendy Whelans acronym when rotated counter-clockwise. WW equals 33 which indicates how Wendy Wheelman’s name (WW) is no accident and strongly suggest her role as the lead dancer in american ballet was wilfully orchestrated and that her inversion from male to female began as early as 3.

Wendy Whelan on stage (ca. 2011)
•male length arms and proportion, discernible adonis belt despite clever costume, important trachea, male size ribcage & no space for pregnancy, sloping forehead and male hairline, masculine facial profile with important nose and general wide features

Wendy Whelan dance study series by Howard Schatz (ca.2000)
•legs of steel – male type calves and long thigh muscles with compact masculine gluteus muscles (butt region)

Wendy Whelan and Craig Hall in ‘After The Rain’ 2012
•typical muscular male legs and important knee-caps and calves, worrisome pelvis-bulge, sizeable ribcage, long neck and male face profile with square jawline, chin and nose

Wendy Whelan and Craig Hall – close-up
•obligatory closer look at the worrisome pelvis-bulge – this is (in french) male genitalia with tucked testicles

Wendy Whelan published frequently all through her mysterious hip injury in 2014
•Whelan’s hospital tweet show her female digit ratio with a measurable longer index-finger than ring finger – reassuring one would be led to believe

Wendy Whelan from Boston Globe coverage 2013
•In this face-shot is discernible how Wendy Whelan has a clearly shorter index finger than the hospital close-up would suggest. In other words, WW finds it useful to doctor imagery of her hand to imitate female digit-ratio

Wendy Whelan photographed by husband by David Michalek for Vanity Fair magazine 2014
•male body proportions with big head, big hands, square shoulders, long humerus bone and male legs with big feet

Wendy Whelan – unanimous acclaim after ‘Restless Creature’ performance
•square shoulders and straight up & down body frame, huge male size ribcage & no space for pregnancy, male chin bones, deep eyes, male nose

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3 thoughts on “Restless Male Creature”

  1. Wow, the obviousness of this one is quite shocking. From your use of the word “boy” in the description of her childhood scoliosis, I thought maybe she was an admitted MTF, but I see from her Wiki bio that this is not the case!

    Speaking of gluteus muscles, I just wanted to get your take on someone I just discovered today. This is not related to ballet, so sorry to go a bit off topic. But I think you’ll find it interesting. When I saw this story on the Yahoo homepage, something subtle in the eyebrow region of the top photo caught my attention:

    This character is being presented as an example of a woman with a hyper-feminine physique, complete with ample “cellulite.” When I saw the photos on her Instagram page, I first thought NO WAY could she be an MTF:

    But then I watched a couple videos of her speaking on camera and seeing her face move, I sensed something was off. Here she is announcing her new “body-positive” campaign with K-Mart:

    And here she is speaking again:

    Her face has a FAR LESS feminine appearance the more makeup she wears, contrary to what we would typically expect:

    And I know fingers can be tricky, but she appears to possess a male digit ratio:

    So what do you think, UNreal? Her name Sophie TURNER could be a hint. I first thought it could just be a reference to “head-turner” because of her attention-grabbing physique. But now I’m wondering if it could be about “turning” males into desiring MTFs using the lure of a fabricated hyper-feminine form?

  2. Agree – from the post “boy” was a bit misleading and not the official gender of WW – corrected (!). Glad you agree she’s blatant and a clear cut case – that well prove how prevalent ftm’s really are among the Elite. It is inconceivable this creature has roamed in the midst of high society for more than 30 years without anyone speaking out. Well, unless if they’re all in. And they are.

    The whole Elite are EGI aware and protective of this behaviour.

    Turner… Wow – i agree that her name and role as “trendsetter” on social media makes her very dubious. As you i looked at her digit-ratio but although she looks like having a short index, none of the angles i’ve seen her hand in makes it obvious. What predominates is that her body looks fake. If it is than we are talking butt-lifts and hip-enhancements… and who goes there ?

    Sophie is the the alternate name of earth (sofia) and “Turner” is very curious. Her face is angular with deep eyes albeit not big eyes per say – but overall wide facial features and square wide shoulders – which explain why the hips and posterior might have needed attention. I can not be sure but i clearly find S Turner transpicous.

    The trend i see is that the EGI and Elite are investing massive resources in occupying every social space even if the group is minor. TV is dead, now the Elite want to own the social media – and they do occupy it. The Lifestyle, trend and travel segments are all EGI infested even at the bottom as far as i’ve seen.

    Here is a Swedish blogger that i take is another EGI that also invest the “oversize” segment: La Linda

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