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  1. Transgenderism seems destined for masses and is so far sold in a version that include sex-reassignment surgery.

    Ines Rau is according to the press the “first” transgender model they have used but omits to mention the same Rau was in the Playboy “Art” issue representing the letter E for Evolution. Seems the theory of evolution is not very reliable as the press seems to never change.

    Of course, Playboy is in reality an EGI nest where many transfemales have posed only not beknownst to the public – although Caroline Cossey is a rather famous Playboy cover “girl” (1981) lost in the memory hole to favour more striking headlines.

    It must be emphasised that although 26 year old Ines Rau claims to have had a sex-reassignment that most EGI individuals seems to keep their genitalia intact, and that nude imagery can be manipulated to have us believe this is the case for Rau – i’m skeptical as this seems unusual for an Elite member such as Rau who has worked with the best fashion photographers and represented major brands.

    What is interesting with Ines Rau is that she for a long time did not disclose her gender inversion and that her looks are so familiar in both the fashion industry and among celebrities – this is very notable as many criticise EGI as being pure fantasy. Unfortunately EGI seems widespread in the Elite for reasons we still need to better understand.

    Rau is just another “model” and as such does not rise too many eyebrows as the implications are limited to her person alone. When other famous stars turn out to be as transpicuous looking as Ines Rau we are faced with more questions – who will marry these creatures, where did their children come from and why should we believe the children are the gender their lying parents claim they are ?

    Hereunder a picture of a young Ines Rau and a slightly older Victoria Beckham – same difference.

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