Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

Hans is too extreme for me, but I do look at news anchors with great skepticism now. The more I find them attractive, the more I worry what I’m looking at.

This one’s on our morning TV. I’m quite sure she’s a woman.

The Urban Mom: Global News’ Carolyn MacKenzie


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6 years ago

Hans Wormhat is clearly the most challenging Youtube personality who engage with EGI and while his recent faith in Bible scripture is quite curious – many of the themes he looks into are indeed valuable.

The rational situation is unfortunately that 65% of EGI individuals on TV would not match well with a 35% cis-gender group. Much like with 9/11 it would not have made sense to ever populate any of the two towers with real businesses – so does it not make sense the EGI willingly expose themselves to danger by engaging cis-gender actors when there are plenty EGI around who perfectly well impersonate the opposite gender.

Carolyn MacKenzie sure looks very good – like a model really. Just looking at her facial features compared to her husband it soon becomes striking she’s got the wider, deeper eyes, larger mouth and a bigger head. Not too reassuring despite she looks just right from our modern standard of beauty.

Sometimes perfection can be bothersome and it does seem that at MacKenzie’s level of public appearence no detail goes unnoticed, as for instance a gender-indicator as digit ratio. Normally celebrities does manage to hide their ring or index in order to make establishing a ratio impossible. And if they have a slip – the photographer corrects it pretty easily in photoshop.

There are some problems that might occur when you fake digit-ratio. First off, it’s not supposed to be significant. Secondly, fingers don’t change with age. So when you alter recent images too much in respect to untouched photos from the past – it becomes evident someone has managed gender-typical features consciously. And there are not many answers to the question that arise… EGI.

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