Sun. Feb 25th, 2024

I think most of these entities are simply created in an in-vitro lab. Their back stories are completely fabricated by the intelligence agencies that create them. They are literally “owned” by alphabet agency corporations or their “suppliers”.

Are they transgender? I don’t know, but they are definitely “hatched” and therefore controlled by the corporations that paid for it. They belong to no biological parents.

Here’s one such back story from POM.


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6 years ago

The C. Riga (anagram : Cigar) video is with Spanish text and there is also an English version that can be found here:

There is little doubt Jennifer Connelly was born male and as most EGI characters, we do not know who her/his real mother actually is as the Elite necessarily have to hide this from us as the mother we’re presented with is herself male or at least without ovaries.

As much as we can know 9/11 was a hoaxed event where no-one died, we also today know that many celebrities DO invert their gender. We can ask ourselves what is behind such behaviour and how exactly they do it – but the evidence shows it is an old tradition. No high tech, artificial womb, cloning, laboratory hatching or in-vitro needed.

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