Sat. Feb 24th, 2024
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5 years ago

Utoob is closing one after another the interesting research channels. I hope MrE has secured his material, his commentary was becoming better and better in the last months. Good luck MrE.

5 years ago

Predictably, Mr E’s main channel and back-up channel have now been deleted. Some mirrors remain.

5 years ago

The Youtube collapse is now close to complete it would seem, and the conspiracy topics that are most hurt would be the most recently developped such as the Flat Earth and maybe even more so – EGI

This process of proposing avant garde material, then deleting it is a very cunning technique to first gather attention with staged “experts” who intimidate regular people to do their own research – and then destroy these experts and finally to ban the material…

The repository for EGI research would then even more than before be Fakeologist with this sub-blog* and maybe particularly its Forum topic. The fragility of producing only video-bits without solid references seem encouraged by most, even Fakeologist rely on a preponderance of posts based on video – moreso than written, authored & referenced material.

Despite the focus on audio and video – such material is now the major part of equally this EGI sub-blog and as such it seems important to try to save the videos that are featured here – hope Ab is able to go through his posts here* and make the missing videos available anew through Faketube.

*in addition to less visited and less referenced sites such as, and my blog

*i’ve gone through the videos in my own posts here on the blog and can send them or upload them if it is possible (to add to Faketube) from within the WP admin interface

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