Sun. Feb 25th, 2024

Big Story in the media about Kelly Ripa “body shaming”. This is obfuscation to deter people from seeing the obvious – that this is an EGI/promoted/media individual.

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5 years ago

Kelly Ripa sure make full use of diet & fitness in order to conceal her apparent difficulty with keeping a female BFP (Body Fat Percentage).

The topic of both diet & fitness relating to EGI has of course been covered on the blog and forum previously (Wanna Die Yet, Pumping Hormone)

The male torso swim suit is also a pretty strange type of fashion statement (covered here : Hair wear). The intriguing part is how anyone cis-gender would even think of the value of appearing transgender when close to naked on the beach or swimmingpool.

The ‘Sexy Chest One Piece Swimsuit’ seems like more proof of how easily the Elite can manipulate people into consuming nonsensical culture and also how the culture creators behind these memes have some very odd positions on gender and sexuality.

Ripa – Ra pi = Ra bi (anagram & ambigram)

(when playing with words b=p=d etc)

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