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The Infectious Myth – Linda Blade on Male Bodies in Women’s Sports

2020-05-26 by Progressive Radio Network

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Linda Blade was a Canadian Track and Field Champion, and NCAA All-American in heptathalon. Following her athletic career she completed a PhD in Kinesiology and has devoted her life since then to developing and implementing training programs for new generations of athletes. She is currently President of Athletics Alberta, in Canada. For a long time she has been concerned with male bodies in female sports, biological males who declare themselves transgender women and then, based on their sex-based biological advantages, consistently win events, leaving all the biological women behind. David and Linda discuss the physical differences in male skeletons, musculature and more, and how women are now fighting a rearguard action to regain the sex-based distinction of their sports category, after mostly men in important organizations like the IOC gave it away.

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Women aren’t men

Here’s why, including the obvious.

The Infectious Myth – Gregory Brown on Biological Males in Women’s Sports

2020-02-18 by Progressive Radio Network

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Gregory Brown is a Professor of Exercise Science who recently submitted an expert report on the impact of biological males, such as transgender women, in female sports. Some differences are obviously simply by looking at elite male athletes, who have significantly more musculature, are taller, and have stronger and larger skeletons than women. Others are less obvious, such as the wider hip structure of women, great oxygen carrying capacity of the blood in women. Depending on the type of sport, men have a 10% to 30% advantage over women. As women’s sports have become better funded, leading to equitable training between men and women, the significant differences between men and women have stabilized. Transgender women in female sports will destroy the motivation of women to participate in sports, knowing that at any time a second rate male athlete can simply declare that they feel like a woman, and win races. Greg Brown and David also discuss how the evidence is mounting that even lengthy hormone treatments does very little to erase the biological advantage that males build up through puberty.

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Looking for Mr. E? E3000? Transpocolypse Now?

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Rights for people that don’t exist

Thanks to the anti-free speech gang that promoted this speaker.

“So it really doesn’t mean anything,” said Murphy, who is 40 years old and grew up in Vancouver. “So I’m not sure it makes sense to be creating a whole new set of rights for a group of people that doesn’t exist in any definable way,” she said, referring to Bill C16, which protects against discrimination based on gender identity and gender expression.

Source: Protestors gather outside public library as controversial feminist Meghan Murphy lectures to packed room | The Star

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