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Farinelli ( 1705-1782 ) possibly the greatest singer in the history of opera

Many historical “facts” are so well integrated that we seldom question their origin or credibility. EGI has never been part of the official history but some gender related topics are still much talked about in movies, books, and music – a good example would be the Castrato.

Castrato singers are often mentioned whenever incredible vocal feats are encountered. By way of castration, young boys are kept from reaching sexual maturity and thus allowing the vocal cords to remain under-developed by the lack of male growth hormone (testosterone is produced by a man’s testies). Normally it is suggested that the voice of such individuals can be of incomparable beauty as these singers maintain their prepubescent male voice into adulthood and throughout their career.

The sexual mutilation of Castrati singers can be defined as very cruel and has generated horror and anguish in the minds of many men. The acts these children undergo are as despicable as the motivation behind them unethical. In order to create magnificent voices, the Church and Elite seem to willfully damage childrens health, wellbeing and sexuality for their own pleasure. The story is horrific and has understandably generated considerable public interest. Even today we reference and maybe even secretly admire these fragile victims with angle voices. Very sad, heartbreaking and,,, a lie?

Alessandro Moreschi ( 1858-1922 ) the “last” castrato and the only to be on record – “The Last Castrato Complete Vatican Recordings

When we look a bit closer at the individuals we are presented, it soon becomes clear they often have EGI typical signs of inverted gender characteristics. As we might suspect, the Elite mostly hold on to their private parts despite their gender-inversion and it becomes curious how they would maim members of their own class in order to obtain the same type of voice we know hormone treatment can produce today.

It is standard procedure for the Elite to continually produce propaganda on their various interventions in popular culture, and the Castrato singer is regularly mediated even today. Would the Elite really cut off genitalia on their own kind or is it more likely that they might have preferred propaganda using FTM individuals and thus have the common man believe and support such vile ideas as castrated ‘boyish’ singers ? A parallel to such genital mutilation could be seen in contemporary promotion of sex reassignment surgeries and masectomies where the public is encouraged cutting off or invert their sex-organs whereas the Elite seem to prefer keeping all their original genital attributes – and even adding to them…

Gaspare Pacchierotti ( 1740-1821 ) famous mezzo-soprano castrato

•The gruesome price of being a 19th century Castrati
•Occupational markers and pathology of the castrato singer Gaspare Pacchierotti


By Unreal

North, East, West, South - our media encode, script and popularize stories that aim to control the general population. Information is not free or harmless - rather a controlled and refined weapon covertly used on our minds ever since its inception - and model - the Babel.

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7 years ago

The whole Castrato idea seems to be based on the notion that you have to cut of the testis, since hormones are not available to provide the desired effect of feminization. Castration is in that way a very primitive technology. If the hormones have been available before the general public was aware of it. Then the castration angle could have been just another way of diverting the public into Laland while, the mechanism of creating these beautiful voices is indeed significantly less dramatic? When hormones are available, castration is simply not necessary and and useless, since the hormones do the exact same thing, and are better controllable when administering a particular regiment.

I got a new internet subscription and when they guy from the internet company came over to see what was wrong with my connection, I had the opportunity to ask him some questions about how the internet works and other technological maters. He told me that for the internet, nothing new like new lines etc. has been put in the ground to accommodate this. And the logistics of putting in fiberglass is going so slow, for, getting new cables in the ground causes major damage to other lines, and since no one really knows where and how deep some of the old phone lines are situated. So that’s why fiberglass is mostly accessible in the city and new neighbourhoods. According to him all new technology for faster internet now and in the future will just run on the old phone lines. That alone shows you how ‘new’ the internet really is when it’s something that can run on a 1920’s phone line. The same thing could have been with the public’s perception of hormones.

When we look at Patricia Araujo, TS individual, looks more feminine than many of the Hollywood starlets and this person still has all the tools to cause major damage for ones consciousness. It would make sense to keep the artillery and not chop it off.


6 years ago

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