Can you hear him ?

Kim Carnes – Bette Davis Eyes (1981) – Ichnos71live YT channel – 03:23 mm:ss

Most of the research into EGI is made through imagery and visual support. We are more visual than ever before as images literally surround us and are in our living rooms, on our computers and in our pockets and hands with smartphones and iPads.

Much of the imagery is of course accompanied by sound, but audio is less impactful and more elusive than visualization. When we try to lend ourselves to the exercise of isolating sound from images there are individuals and tones that rings gender-inversion. Can you hear the sound of EGI below (and/or above) ?

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12 Famous Women admired for their “sultry” voices

# 01 Bonnie Tyler
Coming second in a talent contest inspired Bonnie Tyler to become a singer, but it wasn’t until she damaged her vocal cords through sheer frustration that she developed her career-defining husky voice
# 02 Janis Joplin
Janis Joplin is best remembered for her rebellious lifestyle, her psychedelic Porsche, her free flowing fashion sense and above all, her distinctive voice.
# 03 Scarlett Johansson
my deep voice nearly wrecked my career when I was a child
# 04 Emma Stone
Having colic as a baby is what gave me my trademark husky voice
# 05 Joan Jett
The smoking, Jett says later, loosens up the edges and range of her distinctively craggy voice
# 06 Haley Reinhart
Reinhart’s voice has been praised for its identifiable rasp and growl, which she is able to control for extended periods of time without suffering any vocal degradation
# 07 Lindsay Lohan
After a few years of living in London, Lindsay Lohan has developed an entirely new accent and way of speaking
# 08 Miley Cyrus
She is tiny and delicate-looking, with big Bambi eyes and a full mouth, but her voice is husky and unexpectedly deep
# 09 Jaime Pressly
I had this high-pitched voice, and then when I was nine I started talking like this all of a sudden. My mom was like, “What the hell is that? Puberty at nine?
# 10 Rachael Ray
I will be having throat surgery this December. I have had a husky voice my entire life and I always thought it was from too much talking. I finally found a brilliant throat specialist who discovered the real cause of my vocal problems.
# 11 Tara Reid
Tara Reid had everything needed to make her a lasting Hollywood star. She may never have had the brilliant acting chops, but she had the ambition, the looks, and a sultry voice to match
# 12 Juliette Lewis
She lets loose with that famously raspy voice that can evoke a furious Janis Joplin, strutting around the stage with a panther pride and jerking her body with frenetic, unhinged movements that I can only describe as being akin, in the best possible way, to a banshee exorcism.

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North, East, West, South - our media encode, script and popularize stories that aim to control the general population. Information is not free or harmless - rather a controlled and refined weapon covertly used on our minds ever since its inception - and model - the Babel.

5 thoughts on “Can you hear him ?”

  1. Fantastic idea. The other part of this is many of these celebutards are not talented. The fact they are promoted therefore leads to the question WHY? EGI answers that question easily.

    This leads to why they promote EGI. I had a hard time explaining why they promote EGI. Can we start a thread on that?

  2. hi – yes, intriguing subject – thanks to Narrator for bringing it up.

    Voice is very powerful and rich in emotions that somehow stays within us – sometimes for much longer than we are aware of. To guess an artist name or track from only small soundbites is quite an interesting game and activity. It not only speaks of our individual memory skills but is also quite telling as to which degree sound, melody and voice are rooted and stored very deeply in our systems.

    As to the reason EGI is promoted i think it could be as much an effect as an ambition by the Elite to expose themselves or inversion as such. EGI appear prevalent amongst the Elite and would limit their choice to either promote a non member of their club – or to pick the least suspect and obvious ones. With modern media and attention they might have prepared to conceal their occult transgender practices in media noise and gender chaos. This might have started already with the rise of homosexuality and the promotion of Aids.

    Another aspect of celebrities is the fact that they are quite clearly high level performers and constitute a modern version of priesthood as they perform in front of large audiences and create public appeal. Many artists might not be “talented” in our way of analyzing their performance, but the criteria from an Elite point of view might be very different.

    In an EGI perspective it must be suspected that they value the overall performance. On and Off screen – it is all orchestrated. Britney Spears would in such regard be appreciated as a very skilled lifetime actor by the Elite internally, and as a failed teen-age pop-queen by a more common, layman analyses.

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